You perhaps saw it when it was published on Jan. 24, but here’s a link to an art review I did for an exhibition curated by Blair Fornwald that’s on at the Dunlop Art Gallery’s Sherwood Village Branch until March 7.

Becoming Book was the show title, and it featured work by three artists on the theme of censorship and freedom of expression in commemoration of Freedom to Read Week. As her contribution, one artist (Eve K. Tremblay) had undertaken to memorize Ray Bradbury’s classic SF novel Fahrenheit 451 about censorship and the threat posed to human well-being by spectacle-driven electronic media. By doing so, she aspires to become one of the “book people” Bradbury (pictured) depicts in the novel who memorize books to keep them alive for future generations.

This Freedom to Read Week event takes inspiration from Bradbury’s novel too. It’s a discussion on censorship and reading being hosted by University of Regina English professor Nicholas Ruddick. It’s at Central Library at 7 p.m. You can register at 777-6120.