This six-piece disco-punk-dance band hails from Detroit, and have eight full-length albums to their credit. If you’ve had occasion over the last nine or so years to shake your booty at a night-club geared to dance mixes, you’ve almost certainly a tune or four by them.

Wednesday night, they’re in Regina to play a show at the Exchange. To rekindle a few memories, here’s a link to a live performance of the band’s biggest hit “Danger! High Voltage”

As for what famous fellow Detroiter is rumoured to have contributed backing vocals to the original recording which was released in 2003, it’s none other than Jack White of White Stripes fame.

And if you’re looking for something to do this afternoon, there’s a reading at Luther College Library at the university featuring writers who made the short-list for the 2012 Saskatchewan Book Awards which will be held at Conexus Arts Centre on April 28. The reading is free, and goes at 3 p.m. Reading will be Mark Cronlund Anderson & Carmen Robertson, authors of Seeing Red: A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers; Devin Krukoff (Flyways); Alison Lohans (Picturing Alyssa) and Edward Willett under the pseudonym Lee Arthur Chane (Magebane).