I had Cuff the Duke pencilled into this slot, but James Brotheridge is on that show like  a swarm of fruit flies on a discarded food item in our office garbage can so I’ll give a shout-out to two other things that are happening tonight. First off, at the Club there’s an opening for an exhibition of archival photographs that Danny Kresnyak has curated. The photos were taken by Vassil Zaharik, a retired grocer who has lived on the same corner of downtown Regina for close to a century. Throughout his life, he’s documented all sorts of fascinating goings-on in Regina. According to Danny, there’s 25 images on display, and they will be available for purchase. Vassil will be in attendance at the opening, and there will be musical performances by Judd Stachowski and Chris Matchett (a.k.a. Tiny, your pick for Best Bouncer in our recent Best of Regina poll). Doors are at 7 p.m.

Also on tonight, there’s a show at Creative City Centre with Julia (McDougal) & Her Piano along with two female performers from B.C. — Ciseaux and Ma Petite. To close, here’s video of Julia performing “Open Book” with sax accompaniement.