Pick of the Day: Bret Michaels

Crowd-watching should be fun at Casino Regina tonight with Bret Michaels into town to play a show. His biggest claim to fame is obviously his stint as the lead singer for the glam metal band Poison. But Michaels has also performed as a solo artist and done some film and TV work including a Bachelor-style show called Rock of Love that ran for three seasons from 2007-09. Then there was that sex-tape thing he had with Pamela Anderson in 2005.

Anyway, as I noted, he’s at the Casino tonight. To get your neck muscles loosed up, here’s the ’80s-era video for the Poison tune “Nothing But a Good Time”:

And here’s a heads up about a show that’s happening Dec. 13 at the Artful Dodger. It features Ukrainian emigre Yana, who will be performing on grand piano along with local musicians Mike Thompson (drums), Dan Silljer (guitar), Cody Gamracy (bass), Natalia Espinosa (violin) and Luba Krupina (cello).  Opening act is Rachel Persson. Doors on Thursday are at 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $10 adv. and $15 at the door.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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6 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Bret Michaels”

  1. Quincey Jones & RUSH added to the RnRHOF in the same year???

    I guess they.” the judges” have never actually ever “Listened” to any given song put in front of them.

    Listen is the only lyric in which RUSH song ? R&RHOF trivia

  2. Poison ruled, but not so much their later stuff. Unskinny Bop was such a critical let-down. I saw Brett Michaels in an Edmonton hotel in spring 1988. My team and I were sitting in the lobby, Poison was in town, we were all starry-eyed and stunned, as is appropriate when pre-teens and 13-year-olds see an actual glammed-out famous person. He almost seemed shy in retrospect, gave us a smile and said, “How ya doin’?” I doubt Morrisey would have said hello.

  3. At the time, I was at that age when I was just starting to have enough influences around me to learn there was more than just Top 40 out there, if you looked (or if you had a big brother 3-4 years older to pass you down his Smiths t-shirts – I have an older brother, but he liked Poison). I remember someone once pretending not to know who Poison was, after this hotel lobby encounter. I was quite young, but remember thinking what a joke that attitude was.

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