If you check our City Event listings in our Sept. 8 issue, you’ll find a mention of an event called Extraordinary Fair & Paranormal Symposium that was held in Fort Qu’Appelle on Sept. 10-11. I didn’t actually attend the event, but through the simple act of typing up the listing for the paper — I know this is hard to believe, but I somehow appear to have miraculously acquired extra-sensory powers.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I, too, was once a skeptic. But it’s true! Since the listing was published, I get these flashes of insight into the future. I can prove it to you, too. In 8 hours, give or take a minute or two, I predict that one of our blog contributors … Jay … no, J … JBro! — yeah, James Brotheridge is the one. He’s going to do a blog post about this gig tonight at the Exchange by Braids (pictured).

Originally from Alberta, the band is currently based in Montreal. I don’t want to steal any more of James’s thunder, so I’ll close with the video for their song “Plath Heart”, and you can read more about the band later today when James does his post, okay?