If you check our June 2 issue which is due out on the streets (and on-line) in a matter of hours, you’ll see that James Brotheridge has an article on an upcoming comedy festival that the General Fools improv troupe is hosting at Artesian on 13th June 15-17.

One of the charter members of the troupe is Amy Matysio (pictured at far right). Tonight on Showcase, she has a starring role in a Canadian comedy series that’s debuting called Single White Spenny.  She plays Chelsea, the best friend of Spenny (Spencer Rice, the tall dude in the photo, who is likely familiar to some of you from Kenny vs Spenny).  

In Kenny vs Spenny, which ran from 2003-10 on CBC and Showcase, Rice and Kenny Hotz  competed against each other in a variety contests for the privilege of having the winner subject the loser to some act of humiliation. In Single White Spenny, the premise involves Spenny being divorced by his wife on the grounds of him being an immature jerk incapable of a serious relationship. Undaunted, Spenny returns to the singles scene in a determined (and inept) search for a new life partner to replace his ex.

The series is filmed in a mockumentary style, and in addition to Matysio, also features an employee named Jessica (Nikki Payne); a busybody neighbour (Phil, played Wayne Thomas Yorke) and Spenny’s egocentric mother (Deb McGrath).