Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): Bob Dylan & His Band

A double shot of musical immortality is in store for Reginans Saturday when Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler (former frontman of the British rock band Dire Straits) take the stage at Brandt Centre (7:30 p.m., tickets $39.50-$119.50.)

Both men need no introduction to anyone with even a modicum of knowledge of pop music over the last 50 years so I won’t keep you any longer. Here’s video from a few years ago of Dylan performing an acoustic version of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” and video from 1997 of Knopfler performing “Money For Nothing” with some special guest artists:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): Bob Dylan & His Band”

  1. All the cheaper tickets are sold out! Bah. I was putting this one off till last minute, till I was sure I needed to see him for a 3rd time in a hockey rink (MK will probably steal the show). There’s always Cuff The Duke at the Exchange! And MLB playoffs.

  2. Spend the $$ and take potentially yer last chance to see Bob, all of you fence sitters! MK may be _________, but Bob is the man! “You’re as whorish as ever, baby you could start a fire” Think about it!

  3. Well, it won’t change your life. He doesn’t actually talk to the crowd, and near as I can tell he’s just going where the money is, tho his last few albums have been quite good and I’m sure you’ll see someone you know.

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