Pick of the Day: Blondie

Like Pat Benatar, who played a soldout show at Casino Regina last year, Debbie Harry is definitely a survivor. While Blondie was on hiatus from from 1982-97, she did pursue a solo career in that time, before reuniting with long-time bandmate (and former partner) Chris Stein to take the band to a new generation of fans.

Blondie’s biggest hit was “Call Me” in 1980. But they were far from a one-hit wonder, and had many other quality songs to their credit that spanned a range of genres from disco and rock to new wave and punk.

Tonight, they play¬†Casino Regina at¬†8 p.m. Tix are $65, $70. To help spark memories here’s video of the band in their heyday performing “Hangin’ on the Telephone”.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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One thought on “Pick of the Day: Blondie”

  1. Blondie was also the first artist to bring Rap to mainstream top-40 radio with her hit ‘Rapture’.

    Can’t be at the show, unfortunately, but I appreciate Blondie and her contributions to rock history.

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