Pick of the Day: BCS College Championship

For the first time in NCAA history, the title game features two teams from the same conference — the SEC. Now, the way the NCAA chooses its top-ranked teams has always been a bit of a black art. It used to rely on polls of sports writers and coaches. Now, it has a complicated formula tied to wins, losses, quality of opponent played, margin of victory and whatnot that gets calculated by computer down to the nth decimal point.

This year, the two teams that got spit out at the end were the LSU Tigers  and Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tigers were the only team to go undefeated this year (13-0), and heading into bowl season they were indisputably the #1 ranked team in the nation, so they were a lock for the game.

Alabama finished 12-1, with their only loss coming at home against the Tigers 9-6 in OT on Nov. 5. And their selection rankled fans of other teams who enjoyed solid seasons. Particularly aggrieved were supporters of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. They finished 11-1 this year, and trounced state rival Oklahoma Sooners 44-10 in the Big 12 title game on Dec. 3.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t get the nod. Instead, they played the fourth ranked Stanford Cardinals led by Heisman-winning QB Andrew Luck in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 2. The ‘Boys eeked out a 41-38 victory in OT.

Like ‘Bama and them, the Cardinals were 11-1 this year. And while the victory is a feather in their cap, it wasn’t overwhelming in any way, so it doesn’t really buttress any argument Oklahoma State might be inclined to make should LSU happen to get blown out by ‘Bama tonight that regardless of what the rankings said they were the best team in NCAA football this season. Not that that’s likely to happen anyway. LSU is playing in nearby New Orleans, and since beating ‘Bama in early November they’ve only improved as a team.

 Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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15 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: BCS College Championship”

  1. If Alabama had “finished 12-1,” there would be no controversy, Greg. You were right the second time. They finished 11-1. Go Tide!!

  2. One more thing, Greg.
    In fact, the two teams the computer “spit out” were LSU and Oklahoma State.
    Alabama got the nod because it was ranked second in both the Harris and the Coaches’ polls, and the margin was so significant that it over-ruled the computer.

  3. Finally: It’s “Cardinal” singular, not “Cardinals” plural. Stanford’s nickname is all about the colour, it has nothing to do with birds.

  4. Alabama leads 9-0 at the half.
    The LSU offence has yet to cross midfield. Defence may win championships, but it doesn’t make for very exciting television.
    If these clowns don’t get things going in the third quarter, I’m switching to CPAC, seeing as how there’s no soccer on tonight.

  5. “This thing is far from over,” one of the commentators says at halftime, drawing my attention to a 9-point deficit I figured was insurmountable.

  6. On its opening possession, ‘Bama drives the ball and adds a field goal. The LSU offence continues to misfire. I’m hoping maybe the expert analyst can help me out here with an explanation. Nope. “The LSU bench is looking very concerned,” he says.

  7. LSU quarterback tosses a lovely shuttle pass … to an Alabama linebacker.
    “That’s a terrible mistake,” the announcer says, confidently.

  8. ‘Bama kicks another field goal. Tide leads 15-zip. Announcer: “Now the heat is REALLY on LSU.” And so the drama builds.

  9. NCAA convenes an emergency meeting. It wants to move the Alabama goal line to the LSU 35. Just to give the Tigers a fighting chance. Computer says: “No.”

  10. Breaking News: LSU picks up first down. The Tigers now have several on the night. Announcer: “They need touchdowns.” You just can’t please some people.

  11. LSU goes for it on 4th and 18.
    Quarterback drops back to pass. Drops ball as well.
    Announcer: “This is a mauling, folks. A mauling!”

  12. Touchdown Alabama!! Convert attempt hits an upright. Not to worry, Tide supporters — 21 points are plenty.
    Announcer: “There are a lot of LSU fans heading to Bourbon Street.”

  13. LSU defeated ‘Bama 9-6 earlier this season and some people would have you believe the team has IMPROVED since then.

  14. Final score: Alabama 21, LSU 0

    Headline in the prairie dog says it all: Crismon Tide upsets LSU

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