Pick of the Day: Bahamas

Not sure where this Toronto-based musician got his stage name from, but his birth name is Alfie Jurvanen. He started out as a session-type musician, playing with some of the biggest names on the Toronto scene like Feist, Jason Collett, Amy Millan and Zeus.

From there, he developed a solo career that has won him a fair bit of acclaim. Feb. 7, he released his latest album Barchords. Tonight, he plays a show at the Exchange. Tickets are $10.

And to give you a taste, here’s video of Bahamas performing his song “Hockey Teeth”.

Also on tonight at Creative City Centre, there’s a show by singer-songwriter Glenn Sutter. Earlier this year, Sutter released an album called Sweet Happiness. Also on the bill are David J. Taylor and Rebecca Lascue. The show gets going at 8 p.m.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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