German composer and pianist Johannes Brahms composed his famous requiem in a four year period between 1865-68. Clocking in at between 65-80 minutes, the choral work consists of seven movements and functions as a spiritual meditation on death. Brahms is thought to have been inspired in his writing by the death of his mother in 1865, and his lingering feelings of loss at the death of colleague Robert Schumann in 1856.

Tonight, as part of its Masterworks Concert Series, the Regina Symphony Orchestra presents Brahms’ A German Requiem. Handling the vocal side of the equation will be Meara Conway (soprano), Garvis Valienev (baritone) and the Regina Philharmonic, Regina Halycion and Luther Bach choirs.

The baton drops at 8 p.m. at Conexus Arts Centre. To give you a taste of what the work is like, here’s a 2012 performance of the first movement by the Bracknall Choral Society at the Reading Concert Hall in England: