“What th’? There’s a comic book convention on June 26? In Regina? At the Hungarian Club? Where? 1925 McAra? Balls! From 11am to 4pm? The hell, you say!”

That is an exact and accurate transcript of my response to a random chap-in-the-street informing me (last night) about today’s Pile O’Bones Comic Convention and Pop Culture Fair. Apparently, there’s a nerdy event going on in Regina and nobody thought to tell me. Why? Because I wouldn’t be interested? Clearly that must be the case because only a mere one in three of our podcast topics involves comics (like this week’s, for instance, which deals with the DC Universe reboot as well as the evolving plans for the RPL main branch). And I walk around every day in Clark Kent cosplay. But that must be because, you know, I’m a city hall nerd. Not a normal nerdy nerd. So who’d want me at their comic fair?

That said, you should definitely check out the Pile O’Bones Comic Convention, today. Because Regina has a thriving and talented comic arts community and they deserve your love. And your $1. Because that’s all it costs to get in. Unless you go in costume. Then it’s free.

Now, I’m off to see if they’ll let Clark Kent in for nothing.