Pat Fiacco Departs Tourism Saskatchewan

The former Regina mayor moves onto a new gig as CEO of the Hospitals Of Regina Foundation. Here’s the tweet:

Don’t know yet who’s replacing him at Tourism Saskatchewan. I nominate Lynda Haverstock!

Press release after the jump.

For Immediate Release:  April 28, 2014

Former Regina Mayor, Pat Fiacco, to take the helm at Hospitals of Regina Foundation

REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN – The Board of Hospitals of Regina Foundation (HRF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Pat Fiacco as President and Chief Executive Officer effective June 2, 2014.

“Mr. Fiacco brings extensive, proven experience as a leader in Regina to his role with HRF,” said Janet Wightman, Chair, HRF Board of Directors.  “As Mayor of the City, Mr. Fiacco led its growth and development for 12 years and created a culture of pride in our community.   That kind of passion and commitment will help HRF build on its strong foundation and grow support for advanced health care in the years to come.”

Born and raised in Regina, Fiacco is well-known throughout the province and nationally, having served most recently as CEO of Tourism Saskatchewan and earlier as Mayor of Regina from 2000 until 2012.  Active in sports from an early age, he excelled in boxing and won a national championship.  Later he became head official of Boxing Canada and represented the nation as a referee and judge at numerous international championships including the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and as a Technical Delegate at the 2012 Olympics in London. He is one of the province’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders.

Fiacco follows outgoing CEO, Judy Davis, who announced her upcoming retirement last year.

Ms. Wightman said, “Judy is leaving the Foundation after 18 years of dedication and commitment.  She leaves an important legacy of fundraising and community involvement for which the organization is very appreciative.  On a personal level, I would like to express my thanks for her assistance during this important period of leadership transition.  My board colleagues and I wish her the best in this next phase of her life.”

About Hospitals of Regina Foundation

The Hospitals of Regina Foundation is a non-profit organization, guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is the only organization raising funds for southern Saskatchewan’s specialized care hospitals – the Regina General Hospital, the Pasqua Hospital and the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. Since 1987, the Foundation has raised over $140 million to enhance healthcare.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

8 thoughts on “Pat Fiacco Departs Tourism Saskatchewan”

  1. I guess Pat will be free to engage in twitter wars with Chad Novak more freely over at the Fountation!

    Hospital’s gain is Tourism Saskatchewan’s much bigger gain!

  2. Can we talk about how much money the CEO of the HRF (a non-profit with a volunteer board) must make for Pat to give up his post at Tourism Sask?

  3. Good heavens, Mr. Jedlic, where have you been? Mr. F was with Tourism Regina almost as soon as he left the Mayor’s office.

  4. Appointed under a cloud of dubiousness, Pat Fiacco was gifted the patronage Tourism job and promptly announced that the organization was ready to take a break and coast through the upcoming prescheduled events for the coming year.

    And Pat Fiacco certainly met his own stated goal of achieving nothing significant for the year.

    He made some embarrassing public utterances and greased the rails for his daughter’s pet project. He was blind to the issues of time dedication and conflict of interest perception acting as a Crown CEO while running and promoting his own personal business.

    He continues the tradition of old boys club vaulting through life. His personal assistant and family members must be giddy with anticipation about their prospects.

    Mercifully HRF has little to do with actual health care and more to do with fundraising. Maybe he can get those secret donors he claimed were going to pay for the domed stadium. Those donors and their supposed $450 million would come in handy. (That is as long as they weren’t fictional.)

    Oddly, I wish him luck, since if he is somehow successful in increasing fundraising significantly, the hospitals might benefit.

  5. Mr. Fiacco changing positions so soon? 2 years?
    Well, I’m sure he’ll do well.

  6. Gee he makes more money than he did when mayor. Wonder where his paycheck comes from with HRF? Glad I don’t buy tickets.

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