“Party For Everybody,” Say Russian Grannies

I have a confession to make. I’m a big Eurovision fan.

Found on the Mary Sue, the guide to girl geek culture.

Author: Paul Dechene

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4 thoughts on ““Party For Everybody,” Say Russian Grannies”

  1. I heartily endorse Paul covering all the ins and outs of Eurovision 2012. I’m giddy at the mere prospect. (I’m a big fan of Eurovision too. In University I wrote a 12 page essay on the correlation between Eurovision and European politics. I have since Wite-Outed that part of my brain with discount booze.)

  2. Dan, you should totally cover Eurovision. My knowledge is limited to watching best-of compilation DVDs a friend of a friend puts together.

    But I am thinking about doing a weekly web column between now and May called “Eurovision Flashback Of The Week” that features whatever highlights I can find on Youtube.

    Then we can see which destroys the dog blog’s credibility the fastest, Eurovision Flashback Of The Week or PSOTW.

  3. I’ll read that column with gusto. (Melodifestivalen is like a steamroller of awesome, if you’re wanting to check on the Swedish entries.) I’m sure John Cameron, could also be a fantastic resource for such a thing.

    If people are annoyed with Eurovision columns and PSOTW (which I enjoy), they’ll be furious when they see what’s behind the dog blog paywall. (Have your credit cards ready, dog blog readers.)

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