Parliamentary Committee Signs Off On Revised Electoral Map

It now seems certain that come the next federal election in 2015 Saskatchewan will have a dramatically redrawn electoral map. The most prominent change will be three dedicated urban ridings for Saskatoon and two urban ridings and one blended urban/rural riding for Regina. That comes after the Parliamentary committee studying objections raised by 12 Saskatchewan Conservative MPs to the proposed riding revamp declined to recommend that the three-person boundary commission consider further revisions to the map to meet MPs’ concerns.

The boundary commission wouldn’t have been bound by the Parliamentary committee’s recommendations had that happened. But with the committee’s endorsement of the map, which also included a sharp rebuke of some Saskatchewan Conservative MPs for allegations they made about bias on behalf of the two commissioners who recommended instituting urban ridings in recognition of differing communities of interest between urban and rural voters, the matter would now seem to be settled.

You can read more in this Leader-Post report.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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6 thoughts on “Parliamentary Committee Signs Off On Revised Electoral Map”

  1. Thanks for the link Brad. In the report the committee adopts two positions with respect to tweaks that MPs suggested to the revised riding map. Some are rejected outright, while others are passed on to the boundary commission for further consideration. The proposal that Tom Lukiwski floated to have the Cathedral Area switch to the Regina-Qu’Appelle riding falls into the latter category.

  2. The committee has referred some objections to the commission, while rejecting others. Of note to Reginans, Lukiwski’s recommendation that Cathedral be moved from Regina-Lewvan to Regina-Qu’Appelle has been referred to the commission.

    Also interesting: the recommendation that Humboldt move to Yorkton–Melville or Moose Jaw–Lake Centre–Lanigan from Humboldt–Warman–Martensville–Rosetown has not been endorsed by the committee; the committee has referred the recommendation to trade downtown Saskatoon to Saskatoon-University from Saskatoon-West for Silverwood Heights.

  3. Hopefully Lukiwski’s nakedly self-serving suggestions are sealed in a sterile bag and the committee will wear gloves to handle it. Don’t want them getting E. coli.

    (Well, I don’t want two of them getting E. coli, anyway. )

  4. Party on. This mean either: 1. Voices heard in 2015, and end to 15 years of nearly-total Conservative droning, diversity; or, 2. More bewildering heartbreak from the voters of Regina & Saskatchewan. (Remember Municipal Election 2012??? WTF was that?)

  5. The committee rejected the overall argument from the Conservatives and refused to ask for a substantial rewrite. They did pass on specific proposals for minor changes – including the proposal to move the Cathedral area into the Qu’Appelle riding, but did NOT endorse them.

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