Panda Politics

I’m a little conflicted with this installment of PMO Photo Op. As most readers know, before Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen left China on the weekend, they secured a deal whereby China will loan two pandas to Canada for a period of ten years. The bears’ time in Canada will be divided between zoos in Toronto and Calgary.

                    The above photo is courtesy the PMO, and purportedly shows Harper and his wife celebrating the announcement at some sort of zoo or wildlife sanctuary in Chongqing, China. I was just about to post it when I discovered a second image, an editorial cartoon by the Toronto Star’s Michael deAdder, that cast doubt on the veracity of the PMO photo. This is all too Machiavellian for me to sort out, so in the interests of fairness I’m posting both images and you can decide for yourself which one represents the truth.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. “Ha, they get a thousand years of virulent toxic waste and all we have to do is scrub their ass twice a week. Sweet deal.”

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