Remember last February, when Pamela Wallin first got into trouble for representing Saskatchewan in the Senate while not actually, you know, living in Saskatchewan?

Here’s what she said then.

“My home is Saskatchewan, and I just don’t think there’s much dispute about that whole issue.”

And Brad Wall did his best Tammy Wynette impersonation.

Here’s what was really going on. According to a Toronto company for which she once sat on its board of directors, Wallin lived in Toronto for the past seven years.

For the past seven years, however, Gluskin Sheff has listed her residence as Toronto. That occurred in seven separate annual corporate filings that were each approved by the board on which Wallin sat, the CBC’s James Cudmore reports.

She also continued to sit on this and other corporate boards of directors, making over $1 million while working (I guess that’s what the kids in the PMO’s office call it) in the Senate. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Could have fooled me.

Wallin shouldn’t resign from the Senate. She should be fired. Preferably from the Big Bertha field gun the Kaiser’s army used to shell Paris from 80 miles away in the First World War. The only debate on corruption within the HarperCons is not how bad it is: it’s why we gave power to Stephen Harper, who thinks people such as Wallin are the best he can surround himself with.

(Oh yeah, here’s the story of The Boyd Gang).