Palestinians Get A UN Upgrade

The United Nations has recognized Palestine as a non-voting member. From Al Jazeera:

The United Nations General Assembly has voted in favour of upgrading the Palestinians status to that of a non-member observer state. The vote was taken at a meeting of the body in New York, with 138 countries voting in favour of the upgrade. Nine countries voted against it, and 41 others abstained. Thousands of Palestinians gathered across the West Bank and Gaza to demonstrate their support for the fresh attempt by President Mahmoud Abbas to secure the status. Palestinians were previously listed as a UN observer “entity” with no voting rights. The new status is an indirect recognition of the Palestinians’ claims on statehood in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. It allows them to join a number of UN agencies, as well as the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Canada was one of the nine countries that voted against the resolution. From CBC:

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird was in New York to oppose the move by the Palestinians for statehood, and presented the country’s concerns directly before the world body. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said Canada favours a two-state solution in the region. “That will not be accomplished in reality unless and until the Palestinian Authority returns to the negotiating table and is able to get a comprehensive peace agreement with Israel. So we encourage them to do that and we will not support any other shortcuts or any other ways of trying to arrive at that solution without such a peace agreement,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

Gwynne Dyer wrote about the Palestinians move for UN non-member observer status last year and this might be an interesting time to go re-read that piece.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

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  1. One must wonder why such a small minority voted against this. Is there something the other countries see that the 9 including Canada voted against?

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