Jesus H. Christ. At the other end of the link in this tweet, Whatcott reprints a Lifesite news article by some awful dude named Michael Cook about mass murderer Elliot Rodgers that includes such nuggets of reason as:

Gun control is opposed by many Americans because gun-toting is said to be a fundamental freedom. But what about the fundamental freedom of quick-and-easy no-fault divorce? Marriage breakdown is one of the most serious problems faced by the US – and every other Western society. It destroys lives. And, as the latest rampage killing demonstrates, not just the lives of the kids of the divorced couple. Perhaps they wouldn’t need more gun control if they had better divorce control.


Behind the deluded self-pity, it seems clear that Elliot Rodger was a lonely youngster starved for a father and shaken to the core by his parents’ divorce. A curious boy who had no one to talk to about the facts of life. A sick teenager who had no one to guide him through adolescent temptations


It’s a familiar story. Most of the men on the never-ending list of rampage killers in the Unites States came from homes where the parents were divorced or separated. Predictably, their own relationships were fraught as well.

Yikes. I hope most people recognize that this bullshit is part of an insane and terrifying worldview.

Adds Whatcott:

Excellent article! My parents divorced when I was six and my grandparents divorced when my dad was young, and so might have my great grandparents and that was back in the day when divorce was rare! No doubt this sad family legacy had something to do with my criminal activity and drug use when I was a teen and perhaps even laid the groundwork for my own broken marriages. The good news is Christ can bring healing to this sort of tragedy.

It should be noted as this article has noted that what I term as a tragedy (broken marriages and kids without parents) Hollywood loons and far left judges call progress.

We definitely don’t need gun control. Back in the bad old days when Canadian families were intact and going to church there were lots of guns laying around and no one was dying from them.In fact in Canada one could purchase a hunting rifle without any more difficulty at the local hardware store than one could buy a hammer. What needs to be controlled is our unelected and vile judges and probably we can learn something from Putin over in Russia and put controls on the Hollywood trash that is polluting us too. Once we aren’t exposed to Hollywood porn and filth and once we have non-Marxist judges, we could definitely look at curtailing divorce. Then our actual rights, right to free speech, right to legally own guns, right to be openly Christian, etc…. could be restored. Imagine that!

Bill Whatcott

Well I think that pretty much speaks for itself. But in case it doesn’t…

Anti-abortion extremists are irrational and dangerous, flat-out, full stop. They are a big reason Canada needed a gun registry — a registry that was a response, by the way, to a massacre of women by a deranged Canadian “rampage killer”. Of course, Canada’s long gun registry was dismantled by the political party with the most anti-abortionists. Big shock there. For some people, God and guns go together even better than repressed homosexuality and self-hatred.

We needed a gun registry, not to stop hunters from owning rifles, but to keep powerful weapons away from people obsessed with narrow, fundamentalist religious “moralities”. People who appear to be absolutely terrified of sex, and incapable of coping with 21st century culture.

And it’s gone. Good job, Conservative voters. Thanks.

Anyone know if Whatcott — our own special anti-abortion, anti- same-sex marriage, anti-birth control and apparently pro-gun Christian activist (who may or may not have had a court date today for peddling his extreme views at the University of Regina) — has any guns? Because it sure as fuck seems unsafe to to me to allow Whatcott to keep them.

Hat tip to the friend who I’m not going to name here who posted this monstrosity on Facebook.