The Roughriders beat Calgary and they’re going on to the Grey Cup to kill Montreal. I saw the last half of the game at the gym, on an elliptical machine’s TV screen while burning 361 calories of hard-earned fatness. Good finish, too close for comfort at times (the game, not my workout). But what’s my opinion? Useless, that’s what. Where’s Rosie? What does Greg think? Is Carle excited? Is Dechene pro-stadium now? Dog Blog readers want to know! No one wants to read a post on the Roughriders by me. No one! Come on other-bloggers, help a guy out here!

As for the Grey Cup: The Riders didn’t need to beat Edmonton or Calgary in the playoffs but they did. This next game, ooooh. Now they have to win. Montreal must not repeat. The sinister and smelly Alouettes must be slain. Quebec football fans must be humbled and saddened.

And so must it be. I, a silly person, have spoken.