Even though BreakOut West is going on right now, there are still other events you could be checking out in Regina. For one, Connaught School is having a big centennial celebration, which includes a bunch of musical performers like prairie dog cover stars Rah Rah.

You’ve also got the Buffalo Jump happening at the German Club. With any luck, you already know what this is since you read about it in my Sound Check column in this issue of prairie dog. But, since that’s print-only and you are the web-savvy people reading the Dog Blog, I’ll let you know that this is the second iteration of a hopefully-regular concert series run by Cameron Wensel. His own band, Black Drink Crier, will be playing tonight, as will the Lonesome Weekends.

Maybe you’re on your game and you saw the Lonesome Weekends last night at Artesian or saw Black Drink Crier playing Justin Ludwig’s birthday bash recently at O’Hanlon’s. One act you probably haven’t seen too recently is B.C.’s the Sumner Brothers. Beat Route wrote up a little thing about the Sumner Brothers not too long ago, but I’m sure you’ll be covered if you just show up ready to enjoy.