Sounds like Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry had a good time on their dance-rock journey through Saskatchewan. From their July 18 Tumblr post:

Sure we had expected the boondocks and dustbowls and prairie dogs. And the venue in Regina was located next to a rail track that led long into a seeable distance. But we hadn’t expected the turn out of folks nor their surreal kindness and willingness to unleash themselves at our show at The Exchange. Basketball caused a dance party by jumping into the stage floor and circling around happily dancing fans. Jesse and Beth clamoured to the stage front and whirled about, hands over their hearts, chanting all of our lyrics. Evan invited us to play at his house next time through. Jordan might have passed out in the parking lot for the actual show but was surely with us in spirit. Needless to say, the night was a total unbridled success and we were wonderfully surprised by how debaucherously divine it all went down.

There’s also some video up of their Saskatoon show. I hope we’ll see Handsome Furs again. Hell of a fun band.