Chron BatchlettAn introduction to Prairie Dog’s annual guide to Regina’s best restaurants, menus, booze and coffee, industry people and more, as voted by PD readers | by Chiron Batchlett

So this is Prairie Dog’s Best Of Food & Drink? It’s about time this magazine got someone qualified to write about food (like me). It’s a sign that some there “gets it”.

It wasn’t easy to write this intro after my Commodore 64 broke down. I had to rebuild an Amiga core and set it in a lightweight Iberian cork case with a recycled touch-screen monitor (at first I was going to write it out longhand with a machine-shaved driftwood stylus with a carbon-infused Thai rubber writing tip, but I guess that was too radical for the editors). If you’re lucky, Prairie Dog will preserve the Verlag Condensed Bold I used to compose this piece. It’s the typeface you probably remember from Altered Breast, the zine I ran back in the ’90s. Hopefully they’ll show some respect for a seminal Regina publication.

Hold on, who used my stainless steel filter with the AeroPress? Use the paper filters, people; that’s what they’re there for. You wouldn’t appreciate the way the steel filter sharpens the mouthfeel of my Kopi Luwak. And could you stop mixing your “gourmet” Kicking Horse beans with my Luwak? I don’t care if I’m currently between apartments, I still contribute.

Where was I? Ah yes, Prairie Dog’s 2015 Best Of Food & Drink. What can I say about it? Just between us, I’m pretty impressed the Dog’s editors have even heard of me. I do my best to keep out of the mainstream but I suppose my project to start an artisanal mustard and mayonnaise store in the abandoned stone church I’ve been restoring for the last five years on a grid road two hours out of the city couldn’t stay hidden forever. Anyone want to try my small batch mustardaise with loganberry compote? Right now I’m making samples in my kitchen, but soon you’ll be able to drive out to my storefront/factorie and buy it directly. Appointment only. Look for Chiron’s Mustardaise in 2017!

And enjoy the Best Of Food & Drink. You’ll probably want to read my contributions first. I think that’s a good approach.

Chiron Batchlett is a hipster. You’ve probably never heard of him.