Once More With Feeling (Not Even Slightly Safe For Work)

After a surprise announcement from the Vatican today that Pope Benedict will be stepping down, here’s Tim Minchin to play him out…

Author: Paul Dechene

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3 thoughts on “Once More With Feeling (Not Even Slightly Safe For Work)”

  1. Hi Barb,
    Got a question for you (and it’s legit, not a sly shot at the church):

    What do you think of the theory that Benedict is retiring because he wants to have control over who his successor is? So, it has nothing to do with his waning health or vigor and everything to do with him being a calculating tactician. Presumably, he’d want his successor to be someone as hardline conservative as himself.

  2. In answer to what I agree is a legitimate question: not much. He has said that he will have nothing to do with the selection of his successor, and I think that that’s the case.
    As to conservative candidates, Latin America, Asia, and Africa, places where the Church is growing apace, are chockablock with conservative cardinals, and if the time has come for the conclave to consider a non-European, it’s highly unlikely that the Church will see a “liberal” come to the office.

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