Avengers 10With all that’s been happening in the world lately it feels a little weird to discuss this but it’s not everyday that Regina gets featured in a comic book.

Way back in December Marvel Comics relaunched their Avengers title with a brand new series. In the first issue The Avengers are fighting an evil space bad guy, Ex Nihilo, who has launched a couple of missiles at Earth. They hit Perth, Australia and Regina, Canada. In that issue Regina is only mentioned. Nothing is actually shown. We wrote about it when the issue came out.

Well in today’s issue of the Avengers, #10 to be precise, the Avengers return to Regina to see what happened.

The bomb that Ex Nihilo sent was a evolution bomb and it appears that city has changed dramatically. Canada has sent a team called Omega Flight into the city which now has a giant bone-like structure encompassing the place. The team quickly finds out that the place is quite hostile, there seems to be dragons flying in the skies above and there are other things about. Omega Flight quickly gets killed off and transmissions are cut off from the team. Then a dome encompasses the city. That’s right we’ve finally gotten our dome.Avengers 10 3

After several dozen attempts at penetrating the dome Canada has to call in the Avengers for help. Captain America, Falcon, Wolverine, Hulk and a couple of new members respond and agree to teleport into Regina where things get weird. The issue is just part of writer Jonathan Hickman’s giant cosmic story which is still building to something big and cosmic I guess. Probably involving Thanos later on down the road.

DC has always had its comics set in fictional cities, Metropolis, Gotham, Star, Coast, etc. Marvel has always been proud of the fact it’s set in the “real” world which usually means it’s set in New York City. Still it’s kind of cool to see Regina in a Marvel comic even if its a crumbled city filled with trees and pigmies.

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