Last time I mentioned Hunter Moore on the Dog Blog, the founder of the revenge porn site Is Anyone Up? had sold his pride and joy, one of the most odious corners of the web, to an anti-bullying site.

That hasn’t stopped the controversy for Moore — a Village Voice piece says Moore is under investigation by the F.B.I., a suggestion that prompts Moore to say, “Honestly, I will be fucking furious, and I will burn down fucking The Village Voice headquarters if you fucking write anything saying I have an FBI investigation.” I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve dropped that threat in interviews myself.

The article goes on to outline how one person was probably responsible for a great number of hacked photos on Is Anyone Up? The relationship between this mystery hacker and Moore is unclear. The Village Voice does note that, after their e-mail or Facebook accounts were hacked, the photos of the women in question showed up on Moore’s site in short order.

He’s his usual, erudite self in his interview for the piece. One bit that caught my eye:

[E]ven if Moore’s money somehow found its way to a hacker, he insists he’s not responsible. “If I paid for content, it wouldn’t matter because they submitted it. It wouldn’t matter. It would be like me leaving a fucking $100 bill on the sidewalk and somebody coming and picking that up and fucking throwing a picture on my lawn — it would be the same exact thing. It still comes back on that person who walked by my driveway.”

What an astoundingly stupid man.