Sheila Coles had marketing guru Terry O’Reilly on The Morning Edition today to talk about the new Saskatchewan logo. O’Reilly, who hosted the beloved (by prairie dog) show The Age Of Persuasion and currently hosts the beloved (ditto) show Under The Influence says opposition to the new logo will probably fade when people get used to it because that’s what happens with logos. Sure, I’ll buy that. I’m never going to love it but I’ll never hate it, either. It’s a competent, bland logo. The typography totally sucks — italics? Whyyy? — but I’ve seen worse.

Still, the choice of  colours very similar to the Saskatchewan Party’s IS a blatant propaganda move — a deliberate reinforcement of the idea that Saskatchewan’s success is inseparable from a Sask. Party government. Anyone arguing that is either dopey, willfully blind or, well, um, being a lying, partisan troll.

Besides, give the Sask Party credit: they’re smart about this stuff. After all, they picked party colours similar to the Saskatchewan flag. And it’s not like they’re the first political party to play this game.