Oil Lobbyists Have Learned Ventriloquism And Are Using It On Natural Resources Canada

Okay, okay, it’s not very surprising, but it’s still pretty chilling: Natural Resources Canada is literally taking dictation on oil sands policy from – you guessed it! – the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

The Edmonton Sun reported on Tuesday that

In newly released emails and internal records, department officials said the strategy to “turn up the volume” and get “the right attitude” on oilsands advocacy was actually proposed by high-ranking officials from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers during a March 2010 meeting involving senior federal and Alberta government officials, as well CEOs from oil and gas companies.

In fairness, if the government wants to promote the oil sands, who better to go to than the people behind it? Surely the fine folks at the CAPP don’t have any vested interest in wanting to use the considerable media resources of the Canadian government to explicitly promote their business venture, nor do they have any motivation for wanting direct control of the messaging coming out from the Canadian government, except for wanting to make more money. Right?

The revelations also coincide with the recent release of an Environment Canada report, quietly posted online, that said the oilsands sector is projected to triple its carbon dioxide pollution over the next decade if companies do not improve their environmental performance. This would virtually cancel actions of other Canadian industries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Ha ha ha, oil & gas lobbyists. Don’t you ever change.

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  1. P.S. Yeah this was posted on Tuesday so it’s not even literally yesterday’s news; I just recently got sweet, sweet blog access and didn’t want to bite from anyone who was planning to use this in a Four in the Afternoon/Six in the Morning post.

    P.P.S. Hi mom!

  2. The tar sands are more Canadian than pond hockey and maple syrup. Get in line, whiners. Ooow!

  3. I first heard “tar sands” associated with the La Brea Tar Pits. American. Tar sands = America.

  4. Tar sands are disgusting, damaging, pits of filth. People need to be educated more on the effects of tar sands. If no one knows, no one cares. God the news is depressing. I don’t know how you guys do it and not hate mankind!

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