Oh Those Wacky Christians

Hardcores in Moose Jaw squelch proposed Hallowe’en-themed seance at the Western Development Museum with one spokesperson expressing  concern in the Leader-Post report about “negative doors” being opened into the “spirit world”.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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14 thoughts on “Oh Those Wacky Christians”

  1. But, the objecting church has organised a beef dinner, with proceeds to go to the Museum, as an alternative fund-raiser.
    You must need arthroscopic surgery on your knees by now, what with all that jerking and all…

  2. Barb: You can’t open doors to the spirit world, negative or otherwise. Seances don’t work. The worst they can accomplish is to give some people the willies.

    Last I checked, that’s the purpose of Halloween.

    So getting a museum to cancel a harmless bit of holiday-appropriate shenanigans because you’re afraid of what other-worldly powers it might unlock counts as wacky in my book.

    And while the seance would have been harmless, now a bunch of cows will have to DIE! so that the museum can have a fundraiser.

    Nice work wacky, hardcore christians. Wait until my wacky, hardcore vegetarian friends hear about this.

  3. This is what jumped out (from behind a pumpkin!) at me in the article:
    WDM used to host a family-oriented haunted house years ago. However, the event tended to scare children, so the museum quit that activity.

    Scaring children is the whole point! Get it together, Moose Jaw.

  4. Wow, Moose Jaw is quickly replacing Regina as the least fun place in the province! (ducks)

  5. We Christians stand for Christ and the Gospel. That’s what we do. Just because several Christians peacefully objected to it, the Museum still had the freedom to go ahead with their plan. I’m sure the attendence would not have suffered.

    And, it’s not like anyone threatened to blow shit up.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. I’m with Harry Houdini on the topic of seances, and nowhere in my 2-sentence comment did I say or imply otherwise. My point was that instead of just simply condemning (or, as per Seanbot, threatening), those who took offence offered a constructive alternative.
    And is this the time to hum “Carrot Juice Constitutes Murder”???

  7. “And, it’s not like anyone threatened to blow shit up [like those crazy Muslims].”

    Sorry to finish your sentence there for you, Seanbot. But that’s so where you were going with that, amirite?

    I’m not sure obliquely taking a stab at someone else’s religion is the best way to demonstrate yours is tolerant and moderate.

    As for constructive alternative… a constructive alternative is, “perhaps you should consider using a flashlight in your jack-o-lantern instead of a candle.”

    Saying, “let’s all have a quiet meal together so’s we don’t accidentally wake the Great Old Ones” is just plain wacky.

  8. Seanbot might have been referring to extreme pro-lifers, who’ve been known to bomb abortion clinics. Be careful of jumping to conclusions…and take your own 3rd sentence to heart. Just sayin’…

  9. Nice counter example, Barb. You’re right. I was jumping to conclusions. Because of course, when someone kicks off a post with “We Christians stand for Christ and the Gospel.” then later jumps the “it’s not like anyone threatened to blow shit up” shark, that must have been what he had in mind.

  10. Pauly D, when it comes to Christians- admit it: You and your staff can’t help but spew ignorant, confused, hot, nasty, devilish and twisted hate (best example- your Easter addition of Prairie Dog 2010). Is this your retarded way of reaching out and trying to influence your readers against Christ?

    Find another job, because if this is what you do best you’ve already failed.

    Barb went in on you hard, and your replies just go to show how confused you are on dealing with the subject without showing how deep your prejudices really are.

    I’ve been reading your columns and posts for quite a while. And it is obvious that your radical beliefs conflict with the values and mores of every major religion.

    Now I return back to my lurker status.

  11. Noooooooooo! Don’t run away Sean! It’s more fun when you post. Also, please forgive the senility but what did we do wrong in the Easter issue? (And, we had an Easter issue?)

    Yes, yes, I’m being lazy and should just check, I know.

    Also, Paul is not actually an employee. He’s a ferociously dedicated freelancer. But we love him. Actually, we only have one (1) editorial staffer in Regina. That’s me! Hello!

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