1 IF FREDDY MERCURY WAS ALIVE, HE’D DEMAND EQUAL TREATMENT Plans are underway to bring that big portrait of Queen Elizabeth out of storage. You know, the one that used to hang in the Winnipeg Arena. (Winnipeg Free Press)

2 ANOTHER DAY OFF FOR THE KIDS and here’s why. (Star-Phoenix)

3 SO MUCH FOR GETTING TOUGH ON CRIME Here’s why the California Supreme Court is ordering the state to cut the number of inmates from 140,000 to 110,000. The system is designed to handle 80,000 inmates. (Strombo Tonight)

4 WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD (FOR TODAY) Public Safety Minister Vic Towes refused to send federal troops to assist flood-stricken Quebecers because either Stephen Harper is still mad at not getting all his Cons elected, or because that would take away business from private contractors/potential Conservative Party donators, or because he’s a jerk. (CBC Quebec)

5 NEW YORK GETS LESS LAW AND ORDER IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE Not only is Chris Meloni leaving the show, but the real-life SVU is facing elimination. (Gawker).

6 YEAH, YOU’RE GETTING IT FOR THE ARTICLES Playboy archives its entire back catalogue for the iPad. No word on how they’re going to keep breast men happy. (Brand Republic)

AND NOW YOUR MOMENT OF ZEN Oh Susanna is on tour but will give Regina a miss on this tour (she’s playing with Matthew Barber). So, courtesy the miracle of the Internet, he’s a look at what we’re going to be missing.