Oh, God

The Guardian has a live blog that quotes the Associated Press: “Official with knowledge of Conn. school shooting: 27 dead, including 18 children.”

Sickening. Fucking, fucking, fucking guns.

UPDATE: Twenty-eight people are dead, and 20 of them are children, mostly between five and 10 years old. Americans should be marching on NRA offices with pitchforks.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

27 thoughts on “Oh, God”

  1. Now isn’t the time for personal opinions about guns or politics.
    This dead guy did the worst cowardly act possible at the worst possible time. His younger brother may also be the 2nd shooter.
    He took away parent’s 20 kids and 6 adults who have families all before the start of christmas holidays.
    My heart goes out to the victims involved.

  2. “Now isn’t the time for personal opinions about guns or politics.”

    I’m pretty sure there will be differences of opinions on that.

  3. That maybe the case Mr. Whitworth. Problem is I see that as a sign of disrespect to the survivors, victim’s families and those who witnessed the horror of this. This all just happened a few hours ago and these people need their space and privacy to recover from shock. When the news or social media and various advocacy groups of opposing sides jump into this minutes after this sensational incident happened, the victims are then being used to further their own causes which isn’t right. Give them their space for a few days, let them grieve and have their funerals, then debate about it.

  4. I think it is the time to consider how this could have been prevented. How can a person be so numb to the pain and suffering they will cause, lacking total empathy? How does a mentally disturbed person get access to this kind of weaponry? What could have been done to help them?

    This isn’t politics. This is reflecting on the state of society and the safety of others.

  5. ‘Sickening. Fucking, fucking, fucking guns.’

    you said it all, my friend.

    today I hate Charleton Heston.

  6. Fuck gun politics. So many innocents killed by a madman. That gun did not fire itself. If you insist on having a discussion, why not make it about the rise of the deranged loners and what we as a society can do to prevent them from going off.

  7. Putting guns in the hands of deranged psychopaths and assholes with a grudge, there’s your problem.

    “The gun did not fire itself.” You could just as well say, “Adam Lanza did not kill those people with his bare hands – he used guns.” People don;t often kill people, without guns. Guns are killing machines. You’re never going to stop crazy loners from grabbing a gun and killing people, unless you take away his gun. Guns are for nuts.

  8. @5 “today I hate Charleton Heston.”

    Of course the NRA will be saying this could have been prevented if one of those well-regulated-militia members had been there with concealed carry. Why not add it to the kindergarten curriculum, even?

  9. If the Christian Right were actually Christian, an endorsement from the National Rifle Association would be as toxic as an endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan.

  10. Talbot, you mean to tell me that if some person who is mentally deranged wants to kill a bunch of people, that they won’t find some means of doing it? If this guy hadn’t had access to guns, he would have built a bomb or come up with some other way of accomplishing what he wanted to accomplish. The guy was mentally off the charts.

  11. This is the perfect time to talk about guns in America. It’s disrespectful to the families, the victims and the survivors not to use this as a catalyst to change a system where gun violence – and the victims are often children – is so prevalent.

    The argument that guns don’t kill people is a ridiculous straw man. There is a clear correlation between the availability of guns in America and the number of gun-related homicides (hint: there are more here than anywhere else in the world). American citizens own more guns than any other citizenry in the world. Yemen is #2 with people owning around half as many guns as in the US. This is a good, factual article about guns in America: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2012/12/14/nine-facts-about-guns-and-mass-shootings-in-the-united-states/

    No doubt people will do horrible things with or without guns. But had Adam Lanza gone into that school with a knife, I’d venture to say that nearly 30 people wouldn’t have died before he was stopped.

  12. Amy, though I don’t agree with you about gun control—in a perfect world I can see your point. Maybe we have more crazy people in USA then Yemen. But one thing I know, regardless, if they take away all gun rights–the criminal element and crazy element will ALWAYS get them. Just like anything else that is ilegal. They’ll get them somewhere.

  13. No one wants to confiscate everyone’s guns, right? Gun guys know that, right? The fact remains that many gun owners are entitled, whiny self-centered pussies who aren’t willing to register their lethal toys because they’re cheap, selfish pricks. today I say FUCK THAT. It really shows how morally chickenshit and frankly selfish, childish and just plain mean so many (not all) gun owners are.

    There’s been too damn many shootings this year. I hate it. Fuck gun culture. Guns should be registered AND restricted. Only babies and dicks would argue this.

    Beer might have influenced this post’s tone but I stand by it.

  14. Sounds like Stephen had too many beers. Hick! He uses those empty beer bottles for target practice somewhere. Hick! First, he tries throwing darts at them..they bounce off…so much for that idea. Hick! He tries throwing knives….they only knock the bottles over. Hick! Ticked off and frustrated.. ..he grabs a shotgun…There! That did the job! Hick! Stephen falls over and sleeps off the booze for the rest of the night. Thud! ZZZZZZZZZ! Hick! ZZZZZZZZ! Hick! ZZZZZZZZZ!

    #12) Amy, in the news elsewhere overshadowed by Conne. shootings, 22 student school children somehwere in China were stabbed by a person with a knife. Some were seriously injured but luckily, no fatalities. 22 kids stabbed with a knife is a very high number.


    @6) Thanks Barb.

  15. You do realize that, of the 22 children stabbed in China, none have died? Pretty important distinction between the two attacks.

  16. @15 mb I really suggest you see your posts 1 and 3 about respect to survivors before you start making a drunk game about guns. I think the high ground is more easily defended and, yeah, I think you lost it there.

    My personal opinion is that you have to either remove the “psychopaths” or keep guns away from them. I think it more realistic to keep guns away from them but you’re welcome to your opinion.

    And seriously, you think injuring 22 kids is some sort of equivalent of killing 20? I wouldn’t want to start comparing our freedoms with China in any way, but really… I don’t get what you’re trying to say there. Sorry.

  17. @15, “22 student school children somewhere in China were stabbed by a person with a knife.”

    He coulda done much more with a gun — but not against a well-regulated kindergarten militia! Problem solved, if we just teach Romper Room to lock and load.

  18. So part of harpo’s “get me elected” platform was to get rid of the long gun registry.
    Way too many A-holes voted for him on this 1 point alone.

    Yes it was a billion $$ & growing,so what?
    It was totally useful.

    The 2nd(?) US right to bear arms is completely fine.

    It was put in place just in case you’re gov’t became a complete police state, and you could at least try to resist such a take-over.

  19. @11 – Why do you always assume that? I would just as easily assume that building a bomb would prove too laborious, and he’d give up, return to his Mortal Combat, and everyone would live.

    Hey, BTW, why are bombs banned and not guns? Don’t you feel that by banning bombs, you’re restricting the rights of citizens to protect themselves against government and other criminals?

    The U.S. Forefathers made a huge blunder in protecting guns in the Constitution – They simply could not foresee an era in which guns would proliferate and ppl would become so stupid. Imagine if grenades had existed in 1776; Americans would be lobbing grenades into every passing school bus to make a point.

    America needs to grow a backbone and start saying NO to a weaponized society. What a stupid, ignorant, horsesh*t cowardly bend to have taken to the NRA these past few years.

  20. @11 Furthermore, if mentally-ill and acting upon a sudden urge or voice, a person is not going to be able to just ‘build a bomb’ to kill dozens of people. No, he turns to the only basically-unregulated killing machine he has quick and easy access to: His Gun. So I disagree, if he really wants to find a way to kill people, he won;t necessarily find a way, short of ploughing his car into a crowd, but even then, the damage would be far less severe.

  21. Too late to try to keep the opinions out.

    It was too late the moment the first shot was fired, sorry to say.

  22. @17: You make a good point re: “psychopaths” and guns, but people don’t have to be diagnosed psychopaths to be dangerous to themselves and others. Even relatively mild mental disturbance is or should be a red flag for potential harm or self harm, especially if weapons are readily available to the sufferer. As more information about this incident comes to light, statements made in the media may be amended or contradicted, but up to now, two statements stand out for me:
    (1) the alleged shooter was known to have mental health problems, and
    (2) the firearms apparently used in the shootings were registered in the name of the alleged shooter’s mother.
    If these statements are true, this may turn out to be a terribly ironic case of enabling.

  23. It’s been a few days since I last responded. I doubt people will post here anymore but here it goes.

    @16) Yes Emmet, I’m aware no one died in those 22 students being stabbed as I already mentioned in that posting. What I’m trying to point out is 22 kids being injured by a person with only a knife and not a gun is rather concerning to me. That’s a high number using a knife vs shooters using a gun and wounding people if not fatal.
    @17) Anonymous…I stand by my first 2 posts. What I put in Post #15 was only responses to others. When SW posted his rant in #14 and admitted to being under the influence of beer, I put him in a what if situation added with a twist of sarcastic humor and mixed with delicious irony. Sorry you didn’t see it that way.
    Rather than repeating myself about those 22 kids being stabbed in China, refer to my response to Emmet.
    #18) Agent W…ditto response as posted to Emmet above.

  24. @23 regarding “psychopaths”; I understand that, and that’s why I put the word in quotes. It seems to be what everyone wants to call people who do things like this, or else just call them evil. I have a relative who’s diagnosed schizophrenic (which sometimes I think just means we don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, can’t fix it so go freeze your ass off on the street) and I hate to think what would happen if she found a loaded assault rifle on a bad day. Well, actually there would probably only be one death. But I don’t know that for sure, it would depend on where the badness of the day was focused.

    @26 – Fair enough. Maybe my delicious irony and sarcastic humour meter was malfunctioning.

    There is no way, in my opinion, the proliferation of guns in the US especially, is going to be curtailed. Large portions of the population seem to think they need them to protect themselves, and another but overlapping portion seems to think any attempt to control them is a government conspiracy to… well I don’t know what exactly, but it’s a government conspiracy.

    They may be better off putting blast proof doors on the schools, metal detectors leading up to them, and armed guards inside them. Of course, what do you do with a “psychotic” armed guard then.

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