Office Building(Broad St)When I was walking to an interview at Slate Gallery at 2078 Halifax St. this morning I spotted a sign posted at the south-west corner of Victoria Ave. and Broad St. announcing the site was under consideration for the construction of an office building. I don’t have a ton of information other than that Lark Group out of Surrey, B.C. is the developer, and that a development application has been made to City Hall.

The above image isn’t the best quality, but it gives a sense of what the building is supposed to look like. Along with a proposed office building on the north-east corner of Rose St. and 12th Ave. (pictured after the jump), there’s speculation that it might be a candidate for SGI’s new head office. But that’s all that’s out there at present is speculation. And the Brandt Group of Companies which manufacture heavy machinery and farm implements has been reported as being the anchor tenant for the Rose St. project.

OfficeBuilding(Rose St)