Octopi Regina – Day 29 Day Of…

THE CITY OF REGINA HEREBY DEMANDS AND ORDERS that you comply with The Parks and Open Space Bylaw, 2004 b:

1. Ceasing to enter or remain in a City park between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.;

2. Removing any tents, shelters, pallets, tarps, canopies, encroachments or amenities or any such other device from any City park and not re-establishing same; and

3. Ceasing to leave or store personal property in any City park.
COMPLIANCE MUST BE ACHIEVED BY: Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 8:00 a.m.

IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLY WITH THIS DEMAND AND ORDER the city may pursue any and all remedies to it at law including civil or criminal action for trespass to property and non-compliance with City law.
Sincerely, Glen B. Davies, City Manager, City of Regina

I was twenty minutes late and as I was rounding the corner onto Scarth I was half-expecting chaos, a swarm of police, tents thrown into woodchippers, angry shouts of people dragged away into paddy wagons, marines, helicopters, tanks rolling through the plaza.

But no. It was all so anti-climactic. The media left disappointed. I waited in the coffee shop across the street and waited for some kind of action. If it was eviction day, someone forgot to tell the police.

Just wait. When you least expect it.

8 thoughts on “Octopi Regina – Day 29 Day Of…”

  1. When I passed by at about 1:50 pm, the signs, the table, and the large front tent were gone, and other smaller tents were in the process of being dismantled by their occupants. My guess would be that, despite the 8 a.m. deadline, the occupiers have until 11 p.m. to be out.

  2. Makes sense, Barb. After all, the order just says they can’t be there between 11pm and 6am.

  3. Too FN funny, but I suspect that RPS will be there at 5:45 AM, Monday.

    Q. technically if you walk cycle through Vicky or Wascaca Park, between 11
    PM & 6 AM, your’e also contrevening the Blaws. Right?

  4. CBC is reporting that some left, but that others are staying. Explains why Barb saw some tents being dismantled.

  5. If anyone is expecting a big swat team style take down to happen, then they are mistaken.
    Maybe by mid or late this week, the occupied protest camps will be shutdown in both Saskatoon and Regina thanks to court order injunctions giving the city hall and police permission to end this. People can still protest, just not camping.

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