Octopi Regina – Day 26 Occupy City Hall

What would McGyver do if he lacked a megaphone and needed to get the word out? Why he would hire Garrett Morris, President of the New York City School for the Hard of Hearing to help him. That’s exactly what Occupy Regina did in the City Hall plaza to reach out to the cold huddled masses. They formed a chain of Garrett Morris’s by shouting out the speech as it was spoken.

Jim Elliot spoke first and most of what he said was echoed by the other speakers. Suffice to say they asked not to be evicted, asked for the safe return of their portable toilet, and the need for electrical power.

Jim began by quoting the Mayor of Calgary who had stated yesterday, “My hands are tied. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms which backstops political expression, supersedes the bylaw infraction that prohibits camping and erecting tents in public parks.”

This sentiment was also echoed throughout  the afternoon and is being used as a precedent and example of why Occupy Regina should still be allowed to stay their eviction. Who woulda thunk words of wisdom would migrate east from Calgary?

“You cannot evict an idea. The Occupy Regina movement and this movement goes beyond the city park. It is in the hearts and minds of people who are suffering everywhere and around the world. We will not stop and nor will we bend. We will continue this movement for as long as people suffer…” promised activist Ras Munyaga.

After a few more emotional speakers they all marched indoors to present their permit to Mayor Pat Fiacco directly. Scrawled on the top border of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom were, “We are not Camping” and on the bottom border, “This is our permit” emblazoned in scarlet.

The Human Megaphone was stymied at the door by security guards. Canadians are so polite. “We’re willing to wait for him”. “How do we get to see him?” “Is he coming down?”

They all signed their names to their “permit” and hunkered down for the long haul for an audience with The Mayor.

I left as they were ordering pizza. Save me a slice.

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  1. Why do they have to stay there? Why don’t they decamp at night and protest during the day? This way they stay warm and avoid sickness or worse, and concentrate their efforts during the day, ex. noon, when people can actually notice their pleas. And the public/city/businesses won’t be offended by this as much if all their tents etc. are removed.

    Currently I walk by at lunch and see a few people straggling around, not much of a movement that’ll catch my heart and mind, bros. Time to adapt, don’t waste time fighting for the right to camp out – who cares? The point is the protest and its message, not the campout.

  2. If you can’t evict an idea why are they so worried? Why not set up something else? Or take the city’s advice, go home at night without freezing to death, and come back every day and do a proper noisy protest?

    Not that I feel one way or the other. Just bustin’ chops and playing devil’s advocate.

  3. Obloquy or SHAME on the Mayor for hiding behind 6 over-reacting City Hall workers, at least 4 Regina Police, and several security at a very peaceful and respectful attempted meeting between the Occupy Regina folks and the mayor at City Hall. KUDOS to the Prairie Sky School students for practicing participatory democracy and coming down to City Hall to ask the mayor about his decision to remove the peaceful protesters (the young students even came bearing great baked goods to share with the occupiers)!!! It was so wonderful to see the young Prairie Sky students and the Occupy folks gather so respectfully and orderly– shame on the mayor and other City Hall folks for hiding the mayor and stating we had no business there. Great example for the kids! I hope you’re proud.

    The boon times are not good for everyone; homelessness has been increasing for some time now in Regina and Saskatchewan as rents skyrocket and people have to make the difficult choice between making rent and having food to eat. The well-off who are anesthetized by privilege should think twice before they ridicule people trying to make a difference for the better.


  4. If the City and the police forcibly remove the occupiers from Victoria Park, I think we should assemble each day at City Hall to ask to speak with the mayor as well as each of the city councillors. That is perfectly within our rights as Reginans. One by one we can book meetings to discuss our pressing issues.

  5. The Occupy camp in London, Ont was shutdown permanently with little issue because the police came in at 1 am after the 6 pm eviction notice due the previous day had passed. The Mayor in London, Ont says it’s okay to protest there, but they can’t stay there overnight anymore. Police are supervising the area making sure no more tents are put up again.

    Now that this has happened, it will only encourage other cities to follow by example.

  6. No offense to Marc but if more than 50 people showed up at the place I work demanding to speak with me out of the blue I probably wouldn’t accept the invitation either.

  7. Today when OccupyRegina movement had as one of its top3 public demands THEY TOOK OUR TOILET they became a farce.

  8. #1 I agree they should move to the south shore of Lake Wascana, where there is actually a public toilet.

    Avoid sickness ,tell that to Reggie town’s Homeless.

    The general message, is that huge businesses, don’t, and will fight in court to NOT pay taxes. Profit 1st. Goiogle BHP Billiton.

    #2 I agree, but the “city” also yanked out John A.McDonald’s statue from Vic park,and the Prov gov’t did the same to the Louis Riel statue from the LEG’s property too.

    Hail da QE

    #3 Good for those Prairie Sky students.

    Halloween night, I asked almost all of the kids ( 36 ) that came to my place if they have even heard of the occupy movement “anywhere”, in thier school, ( yes and 4 high school aged candy grabbers too ). Not 1 of them had HEARD of the occupy movement… it was mostly a Gr 7- 9 crowd.

    #4 Just make sure that you don’t pick the days when pat is dealing with his boxing career.

    #6 Sucks to be Rich and Popular, & Criticized.
    Comes with the territory. If ya can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

    Anyone else please add .

    #7 You’d think that the “city” would have installed a public washroom in the city centre by now.Geees not even a public place to wash yer hands, or any public water fountain.

  9. Pat, I’m guessing you’re not a politician, whose job it is to meet with large groups of people who’ve announced they are coming by the following day.

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