Octopi Regina – Day 24 What The Deuce?

Events were unfolding rather fast today at Occupy Regina.

First, Bylaw Enforcement threw a wild deuce in the pot by taking away the porta-potty graciously donated last week to allow for the eliminative body functions that we, the housed, take for granted. On the one hand, city officials don’t want them installing grunt sculptures in the bushes, and on the other hand, they are no longer allowed to bust nug nugs in a safe clean porta-potty.

Of course, The City knows they can’t have it both ways. This is just the first kerplunk, a passive-aggressive attempt to flush them out of the park.

And then by the time I got home and sat down at the computer I found out via Occupy Regina FB page that “Bylaw officers from the City of Regina have unofficially requested that the Occupy Regina camp be shut down under threat of enforcement of unconstitutional bylaws.”

Pant, pant, I can’t keep up to the Occupy Digerati. They have already created an online petition and are organizing meetings, 2 p.m. and 5:30 Tuesday, and a City Hall Rally on Wednesday at high noon.

Is this the week it all comes to a head?

5 thoughts on “Octopi Regina – Day 24 What The Deuce?”

  1. Huh? OccupyRegina planning a City Hall rally on WEDNESDAY at noon but City Hall holds its public City Counsil meeting at 530 on TUESDAY. Except Tue 530 is when OR is having its second meeting on how to demonstrate against City Hall (while City Council is holding a open public meeeting).

  2. take it up with bell, that’s who’s making the call.
    i know no one in the CTV news room was happy

  3. Which bylaw is unconstitutional? The one that says don’t stay in the park overnight? That’s not the same thing as saying you don’t have the right to organize.

    Unless I’m wrong. But I don’t think I am.

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