Octopi Regina – Day 2 In Tent City

They must have eaten all the bannock. I didn’t see a slab in sight. But then it’s all about me isn’t it?

I lived in a tent city on the front lawn of The Vancouver Art Gallery back in the 90’s. My friend Paul helped me set up my tent as I excitedly got to know the rest of the campers. We were prepared to save the world. I think it was an environmental protest of some kind. I can’t remember. I was only excited to live in a tent in the middle of the city, rent free, and hit on the eco-feminists.

These folks seem to have less selfish motives.

I did a quick drive-by glance to see if, indeed, there was a tent occupation. I found 20 plus campers and supporters with 7 tents and pile of Tim Horton’s goodies. I asked around to see if anyone wanted to talk to The Prairie Dog. Young Piper Stretten, 11 from Arcola School agreed to a quick interview:

You camped overnight? “I did.”

What are you protesting? “The 99% and what is going on right now. And the whole conflict with the Government of Canada and practically the world’s governments are in a clash of money and everything. And our economy isn’t working out that well. But it’s just a start, yeah.”

How long do you plan on camping out? Don’t you have school tomorrow? “Yeah so I can’t really camp out. I camped out yesterday. It was fun. It was a good experience to camp out in the in the middle of the city downtown. And yeah, there was a lot of people here last night. It kind of died down when the rain happened in the afternoon. We are expecting more people tonight. Yeah, we are waiting for the best to happen. Everybody’s been asking when are we going to take down the tents. We are saying when the conflicts stop. If we have to stay here for the rest of our lives then we will.”

It’ll be interesting to see how long they will be allowed to occupy Regina. How long before the good-looking sweet-smelling office workers find them an eyesore? Or will they drop off more doughnuts for the cause?

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  1. Hmm. Hmm. Tim Horton’s is a pretty big corporation (cough).

    Do they really know what they’re protesting in Regina? From these posts and LP/CBC websites, not really getting that impression.

  2. I saw a guy trucking around a kitchen coffee maker. That’s the way to do it. Tim Horton’s probably has one of the worth records when it comes to wages, nutrition, and paying a fare price for their coffee imports. Not that I don’t drink TH out of convenience and whatnot, but I certainly wouldn;t show up to an income-inequality protest with TH!

  3. I hate how the mainstream media is attacking this movement from the angle of “what, you’re not there 24-7? I guess you’re not really serious then” and “look at what those cute kooky protesters are up to now…. awwwwww isn’t that adorable?”
    Also who gives a shit about whether people are drinking Tim Horton’s or Atlantis or Timothy’s or whatever coffee. Chances are that it came from the Evil Coffee Industrial Complex that uses cheap/illegal labour no matter WHICH logo is on it. It is really tough to boycott absolutely everything that is evil…. and that’s the point of this whole thing, that the lack of regulation and accountability has gone on for far too long, and if government would actually start looking out for people, you wouldn’t have to think about boycotting everything anymore.

  4. Sounds like this commenter above just finished one too many of said delicious products supplied by the ‘evil coffee industrial complex’.

    Protests really do bring out the ‘crazies’.

  5. JFC you guys, all comments here are anonymous. Can’t you at least tag a number on to the end of your name so people can tell you apart?

  6. Media’s attacking it for how pointless it seems in some areas, such as ours. Original Wall Street protest isn’t strengthened, but diluted now – the collective signs at these are a laundry list of complaints that are at best loosely tied together. How about having one message and pounding that home? Otherwise it looks like a giant bitch-fest that is easy to attack.

    It also doesn’t look that convincing to protest large corporations while simultaneously supporting them. Is the coffee fix that bad?

  7. You guys should come chill here, by the way, I mean your editor/reporters or whatever, get a tent and embed a reporter for a few days, then it’ll all make more sense or at least make a good story….it’s growing… if you haven’t heard, they waved the bylaw and they’re letting us move into the park now…

  8. If you read between the lines at the big picture, here’s the point: Democracy. Democracy means majority rules and quite clearly the “global village” is not one in which the majority rules. In a democracy, government policy is governed by public opinion, today, practically every government in the world sees itself working to manage public opinion as a normal part of it’s function. That’s backwards. Politicians and media treat the economy like the weather, something that’s nobody’s fault, or like some kind of god that every other aspect of human life must be sacrificed to. Democracy is not all that complicated.

  9. C.R.E.A.M. – Cash rules everything around me, dolla dolla bill y’all.

    And I don’t see that changing. Ever.

  10. Hey Citizens, if you haven’t been down to the Occupy Regina event in Vic Park, or it’s been a while, or you were on the fence about tonight, I’m thinking tonight (Tues. Oct. 18th) might be a good night to go. The brave participants have been there for a few days now and their presence, I’m sure, is probably starting to irk some of the downtown business folks. We should all meet there around 10pm and try to stay for a good while. A critical mass of support is important and might prove a game changer tonight. Your presence might be crucial…Besides some fresh air is always good…

  11. I have many jobs, Brian, but thanks for the concern. Too bad others in our community haven’t had the same lucky breaks, however.

  12. OWS in Regina is kind of pointless, one of the few locations globally that is actually doing well. . . and all the support for OWS(looking around facebook, news articles, etc.) are coming from the Unions largely which are to blame for many of the few problems our province has(good luck finding decent staff when a unionized Janitor(the definition of menial labor) can make 18 an hour).

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