One of the things I liked best about the punk movement — I’m speaking about the first wave of punk and the second wave of hardcore punk — was their strict DIY attitude and political/social activism. They had an honest, heartfelt, passionate rage. Anything after that period was all affectation, political posturing, rich urban kids purchasing designer clothes that looked punk-ish.

Joe Keithley of DOA was of the second-wave punks and is considered one of the founders of West Coast Hardcore Punk. His political stance as it is now was genuine. He raged against racism, sexism, war, the globalization of corporate capitalization among other things; some of those same issues that the Occupy Movement are dealing with today. He was ahead of the curve.

I tried recording the whole event but my equipment crapped out in the frigid temperatures of Victoria Square Park, the coldest spot in Regina. Even my brilliant interview was lost to the cold. Suffice to say that his words were of encouragement to keep on fighting the good fight, of congratulations for sticking it out in the cold, and a call-for-arms to others to join the cause.

He stuck it out for four quick songs, quipped about the brevity of punk songs, how punks didn’t need extended intros or solos and just got to the rock n roll gist. Yup, the glory days 2 minute blitzkrieg bop (his Ramones influence).

One thing pissed me off though. There was a group of assholes standing less than five feet away from him having a very loud conversation, as Keithley strived to be heard, they only talked louder. What the hell was that all about?

UPDATE: Whitworth here. Thanks to Dog Blog commentator Daniel Johnson for a link to a YouTube vid on the show. I’m embedding it below. There’ll be more from Charles on Occupy Regina in Thursday’s paper.