Octopi Regina – Day 13-14 Night Life

Walking into the Occupy Regina camp last night was like walking onto a Jerry Springer set without the flying chairs and ripped clothing. Hostility was high with charges of racism and lies; nostrils flared, the F-bomb liberally lobbed about, people shouting over each other. It’s no wonder why they have these meetings at night time when the general public is safely hunkered down in from of their Netflix with popcorn bowl in lap.

I was pondering if I should report this, whether this would hurt their movement. But why not? It’s as real as anything. Maybe they can get a mediator or an Elder to consult in times of miscommunication.

Also, flared nostrils are the natural progression of group dynamics. The first phase was the honeymoon, a time for love and getting to know each other. The next is the chaos phase in which the politeness barrier is let down for heated passionate discussion. After that is the make-up sex phase. I’m certain there is a more appropriate psychological term for it but we all look forward to make-up sex.

And finally here is my Jerry Springer end-of-show insightful speech:

This is to be expected from any large group that is knit from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The irony is that anyone who has ever worked in a corporate environment has had to take workshops in group dynamics. If they want to accomplish anything they have to learn to understand each other.

May they can bond over the sweet lyrical voice of Joe Keithley aka “Joey Shithead” tonight at 5:30 who will be playing a very short set before heading off to his real gig later on tonight.

Quote of the day: “Who the fuck is Joe Keithley? I’ve never heard of him” said by someone born in the 90’s.

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  1. In defense of the 90’s kid, it’s not like Joe Keithley is a household name. Good on him for supporting the movement though, looks like they need all the assistance they can get.

  2. I’ve been there before when there were a couple people arguing over petty people personal issues, which happens anywhere, especially where there are over-tired-and-cold people. Others calmed the argument down, and life went on.

  3. When I went to bible camp 45 years us kids got a little testy near the end too. Dont believe in Occupy but you have to give the protestors some credit for toughing it on these cold nights.

  4. Walking by Occupy Halifax last Friday there was similar aggression and lots of angry voices and unkind words being exchanged. The cause seemed to be around access to the ‘kitchen’ and food. Not sure if the group dynamic is being exclusive and leaving some people out. Tonight when I walked by there was a dj and some turntables pumping out some house.

  5. Yeah. Some wierdness. It happens. It seems to have calmed down now. Without going into detail, it started with an individual who attempted to become the leader of what is supposed to be a leaderless group. Any attempt at mediation would have failed because he wasn’t looking for a fair solution, he was looking for control. He made false accusations against the original organizers, and then more false accusations against everyone who defended them. Then came the threats, then came the cops and took him away because apparently they were looking for him. This wasn’t an internal division, it’s easy to spin it that way because it sounds “just so”, this was a former gang leader who saw what we were doing as a kind of elaborate pan-scam and wanted to take over.

  6. Actually, dude, could you do us a favour and use your media status to get us a little closure on the situation? Contact the police and ask them about the person, first name Dennis with the blue teardrop tatoo, who was arrested on outstanding warrants at the occupy camp on thursday night? Please? It might make a good story. There was no “understanding” him because he made his accusations and then walked away from anyone responding to them, spread rumours and intimidated people. We had a positive vibe, people with different backgrounds and different opinions working together very respectfully, and things were going very well before he showed up and started telling people he was the “new face of the movement”, and we seem to have that back again now that he’s gone.

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