Occupy Mosaic Stadium

There’s a move afoot to stage an Occupy-style demonstration at Mosaic Stadium on the Sept. 28-30 weekend as part of a larger expression of concern about the wisdom of the city (and province) spending $300 or so million to erect a new football stadium. The Riders are scheduled to host the B.C. Lions on Sept. 29 at 8 p.m., so the protesters, who plan to circulate a petition demanding that a civic referendum be held on the controversial project, could potentially find themselves in the midst of a fair number of pro-stadium supporters.

The Facebook page that has been established to rally support for the event has attracted a fair bit of attention from those who are pro- and con to the stadium project, with some of the former issuing threats against those who are considering participating in the demonstration. One comment that leapt out when I first visited the site was:

You dumb fucks really think your gonna accomplish anything besides probs get punched out ? This city finally changing for the good accept it or move 2 fuckn moosejaw you fuckn hippies. Mite actually go to the game just to take a shot at one of you goofs !

 That type of response has organizers reconsidering the wisdom of going ahead with the protest for fear of being physically harassed.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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20 thoughts on “Occupy Mosaic Stadium”

  1. Good thing it’s a black left hand.

    Men, grow your Guy Fawkes beard / moustache now.

    Not a joke. Support the Occupy anniversary.

    Anti-Harper / Fiasco is all good.

    WTF.. grow a mullet too.

  2. I have found that the Regina Renewal Initiative was passed without the consultation of the public. Part of that, of course, includes the stadium. When I heard from my candidate that the city was planning on finding someone to build it for $278 million, I was appalled. Nobody could do it for the cheap, plus the city is already in massive debt due to the pension fund going under among other things. Read this:http://saskboy.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/immigration/ and you will find out more of what him and I think.

  3. If you want, you can probably screen cap some of the comments in a follow-up story. There is some decent intelligent discussion, but sadly more threats. There are about 536 comments as of this comment in the thread you mention in the article. Surely there will be a lot more soon enough.

  4. It saddens me how divided and hostile we get over these issues. For people to utter threats directed at a group who simply want to give everyone a tangible say on the city’s decision is baffling to me. I would say stay the course, follow your gut and do what you think is right in organizing a rally to attempt delivery of democracy. On the other hand to ask the public if they want to be heard is in itself a sign that it isn’t happening. In a perfect world the decision makers would be brave and seek the truth diligently, including good quality info, risk assessment and the opinions of all residents. It is a team effort to steer our city into the future and squabbling and threatening gets us nowhere.
    Getting married to a 30 yr heap of debt during not so stable economic times just seems way too risky, especially while we have actual problems that need immediate attention. Go dog, go. -Charles Wiebe

  5. Thank you PD for publishing this blog. I am the organizer – of the petition and the event. This will be a peaceful protest to raise awareness to the fact that an ever growing number of people, including Rider Fans, oppose the new stadium being funded by taxes when Regina has more pressing needs like affordable housing, city pensions, infrastructure, roads, and the list goes on.

    I have also issued a challenge to City Council – if they are so sure they are representing the majority of the citizens, put the question on the Oct 24/12 ballot – Do you support the use of municipal taxes in the building of a new stadium?

    If the City will agree to do this, we will stand down – stop collecting signatures on the petition and cancel this event.

    The City Police will be notified of our intention and I suspect will be in attendance at the protest.

    Hope to see a huge showing – even if it is just during the daytime.

  6. My husband and I would like a new stadium but don’t like the way this whole issue was handled by city council. We will be showing our displeasure when we vote in October.

  7. As city council now stands, they all have to be fired. But they will still get a taxpayer paid for pension .
    Here’s renumeration for fucking all sorts of stuff & lowly citizens up! Enjoy yer vacation.

    Taylor Field has to be reno’ed again for next years Grey Cup. Where the F are they gonna put 20,000 more seats?

    They lost all construction time last “winter” when those 0deg C days in Dec thru Jan should obviously just halt construction here. LamexLame!! fuck what the heck is gonna happen for the GC rebuild?? more broken seat? higher wages for the constructors? The is a PLANNING COMMISION here in Regina? right retirement planning,with yer co-” workers”, F you dingrs can’t even how to schedule Tranist drivers, or a schedule to work on the best cost to us for 24/7 local bus “service”.
    Funny how stores have the ability to open 24/7, but the people that work in those stores don’t, even get a bus ride 24/7.

    Public Transit is not supposed to be a profit based city practice.

  8. Just to put my .02 in here…I have been an OR organizer…and frankly, Dawn has driven a better wedge into civic debate that anyone else…even if the chaos and flames are more virulent than ever. BRAVO!
    That takes guts…dare I say chutzpah?
    Not sure about safety at Taykor Field for protestors…If I show…I will wear Green.
    But insofar as this is about having a choice involving free Democracy…I probably will put my body on the line again for peace, justice and liberty.
    Hell, if the Syrians can do it…what’s our problem?

    GO RIDERS!!!

    Lets vote!


  9. I have printed off petition and intend to gain signatures. I am not against the idea of stadium per se, but I definitely agree that the process and planning has been poor

  10. Referring to this protest as “Occupy the Stadium” is one of the most poorly named protests I have ever heard.

    The stadium is to be occupied by fans of the upcoming R/R game, not protesters either against the existing plans for a new stadium or totally against the idea of a new stadium period.

    No matter whether this protest is organized as peaceful and off to the side somewhere, people’s minds are on a football game.

    Plan the protest somewhere else….how about City Hall or the Legislature?

    Why do I sense this is more of a strategic political game of a certain Ward 9 candidate?

  11. While out door-knocking in the Hillsdale St. area tonight, there was nary a new stadium proposal supporter to be found answering their door. And I went out in a Riders jacket too ;-)

  12. #13
    I agree that the protest name choice is poor.

    Gormley & the Sportscage,( Rod Pedersen 620 AM’s newest political host ) had a heyday, that this is gonna start some sort of brawl,over an unbuilt stadium that both of them are infatuated with.

    Having rallies at City hall,( not enough parking spaces), the Leg has some issue, but not much to do with this municipal concern.

    Having this rally over a home game weekend is strategically, a good move.
    It’ll get better pro/non-pro media coverage, and just mabye it will get Regina’s famously slacker elegible voters, to ummm… vote.

    Regina had mabye an avg of 29%/ward turnout last election.

    #12 Do you know where to get some? I ran out last month..
    I like yer 16th century accent..

  13. Here’s the latest from the organizers of the demonstration which seems set to go on the Sept. 28-30 weekend:

    We will occupy the stadium for the weekend – Friday from 7pm to 11pm, Saturday from 7am to 10pm, Sunday from 7am to 11pm. Because of the city bylaw, we will not be camping out – please do not bring tents. Bring chairs, signs, food, whatever you need.

    After a nice discussion this morning, we agreed that it would be best to leave by 10 p.m. on Saturday to avoid potential violence. [the Rider game against B.C. starts at 8 p.m. and will run until 11 p.m. or so, and given the late start time the crowd is likely to be extra rowdy compared to your average crowd at an afternoon game where the drinking window is tighter.]

  14. #16 They might be a bit paranoid about the violence,seeing how almost everyone now owns some version of a camera.

    If “the fans “, go all out douche on a peaceful protest.. Regina’s rep would be trounced.

  15. I wish they hadn’t have used the name Occupy for this, especially with Novak’s involvement.

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