4 in the Afternoon1 50 YEARS AGO Read all about the assassination of President Kennedy. It’s an event that’s haunted everyone who follows U.S. politics, whether they were alive at the time or not. I’m interested in this piece, which draws a parallel between right-wing extremists of Kennedy’s day and the Tea Party.

2 NO EMERGENCY ROOM FOR YOU Hard to believe one of Regina’s two hospitals can’t keep its emergency room open 24/7. This is terrible! It almost seems like an… wait, what’s the word for a sudden danger that requires immediate attention?

3 MEANWHILE IN CANADA The latest news on the Senate scandal, Mad Dog Vachon passes away and Rob Ford (no new details on the domestic assault call to Ford’s home this summer and Ford still has the full support of a third of Toronto residents which is alarming because competent, rational people realize Ford is unfit for the job.)

4 CLIMATE CHANGE TALKS ARE BREAKING DOWN AGAIN Whatever. It’s not like I have kids whose future is fucked.

IS ONE DIRECTION’S HARRY STYLES GAY? The debate between two YouTube commenters is recreated in hopes of solving the mystery.