Obligatory Four In The Afternoon That No One Will Read Because Of Teh Footballz

4 in the Afternoon1 50 YEARS AGO Read all about the assassination of President Kennedy. It’s an event that’s haunted everyone who follows U.S. politics, whether they were alive at the time or not. I’m interested in this piece, which draws a parallel between right-wing extremists of Kennedy’s day and the Tea Party.

2 NO EMERGENCY ROOM FOR YOU Hard to believe one of Regina’s two hospitals can’t keep its emergency room open 24/7. This is terrible! It almost seems like an… wait, what’s the word for a sudden danger that requires immediate attention?

3 MEANWHILE IN CANADA The latest news on the Senate scandal, Mad Dog Vachon passes away and Rob Ford (no new details on the domestic assault call to Ford’s home this summer and Ford still has the full support of a third of Toronto residents which is alarming because competent, rational people realize Ford is unfit for the job.)

4 CLIMATE CHANGE TALKS ARE BREAKING DOWN AGAIN Whatever. It’s not like I have kids whose future is fucked.

IS ONE DIRECTION’S HARRY STYLES GAY? The debate between two YouTube commenters is recreated in hopes of solving the mystery.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

10 thoughts on “Obligatory Four In The Afternoon That No One Will Read Because Of Teh Footballz”

  1. 1) And yet, it wasn’t a right-winger who pulled the trigger.
    2) Two words: Plains Hospital.
    5) Who really cares?

  2. 1. While just recently I’ve started to appreciate that MAYBE perhaps Oswald acted alone, and that MAYBE the full-frontal shot that blew apart Kennedy’s head came from a downward angled rear shot, I STILL can’t believe that Jack Ruby was anything but a mafia tool blackmailed into eliminating Oswald before he was allowed to talk. The Ruby thing is bullshit, pure bullshit. Middle-aged sleazeballs don’t sob over other dead men, thus clearly Oswald was just the dumb ass patsy, one of the shooters, but not the good one and not the smart one. Oh, then there;’s the whole full-frontal shot to Kennedy’s mind.

  3. For the 1st time….. I agree with Barb…. on 1) 2) and 5) but strongly on 2. Biggest mistake EVER

    closing the Plains !!

  4. Oh yeaa, hey @PriemierBradWall; get working on the Pasqua Hospital debacle, text some new DR.s while yer at the game.

  5. More words for conspiracy theorists: The CIA and the mob WERE involved in a conspiracy to kill a head of state: Castro. And not only do we know all about it, they kept fucking it up and the guy is still alive today.

    So you’re telling me that the same people who couldn’t off a dictator of a little island nation managed to orchestrate the assassination of the President of the United States?

    As for what “wing” Oswald repped for… Even the commies of the day didn’t want him because he was too much of a weirdo. The guy was a wing unto himself.

  6. Conspiracy theorists from truthers on up should Google Occam’s Razor, and then for pity’s sake, get on with their lives.

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