Novak Ejected From Council

At last night’s council meeting, discussion was supposed to revolve around the P3 model council hopes to use to build a replacement for Mosaic Stadium. But a debate over the merits of a DBF versus a DBFM P3 procurement model probably isn’t what’s going to be remembered from that meeting.

Instead, I suspect this will go down in the books as the meeting where mayoral candidate, Chad Novak, was tossed from council chambers for… well… here’s the audio of Mr Novak’s presentation…. you can hear for yourself….

Chad Novak presentation at Regina city council by Paul Dechene

Apparently, the last time city hall security had to eject someone was 2007.

Author: Paul Dechene

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23 thoughts on “Novak Ejected From Council”

  1. I always miss the excitement.

    Well, clearly Mr. Novak’s tone was confrontational, a least in that setting. There’s really no reason to stop his presentation unless the Mayor and staff can show he received changes to his submission that he then refused to make.

    Why he would be asked to change his submission, if what he’s saying here is indicative of or actually his original, isn’t clear to me.

    Anyway, this doesn’t look good for anyone. Most folks who aren’t in the council bubble, will likely not understand why he was not allowed to address council and then removed from chambers.

    At least the mayor was there to throw people out (that’s good, right?).

  2. About whether Novak did or didn’t receive changes, CJME’s Patrick Book tweeted this link during the meeting.

  3. Yeah, as universally-accepted and judged as Chad Novak seems to be as resident 2012 buffoon, none of this explains even remotely why he was expelled from council. Just sounds like more unfortunate, immature mob mentality of “well no one respects this guy and he’s not charismatic enough to make us look like High Priest Catholic church conspiracists, so let’s throw him out, cuzx, you know, he’s got a ‘reputation’, so we can get away with it and no one here will ever call us on it, cuz we’re rock stars and he’s a whiner.”

    Screw that noise. Since no one else has distinguished themselves yet, Novak’s the present leading contender for my mayoral vote. Call it a #sympathyvote

  4. CHad received confirmation that he was to read an edited version of his presentation and seemed to have no problem with that as he posted on twitter regarding it. Also earlier in the meeting he was shouting at council from the gallery saying ‘why dont you throw us all out Pat??’. The man has no class and zero respect and in my opinion got what he deserved 100%.

  5. For the record, I think the last person ejected was Tom Shepherd of Dundee Development prior to Harbour Landing getting the go ahead. Like Mr. Novak, he would not follow the brief he presented to the City Clerk. I am not sure when that was perhaps 2007.

  6. @5: there’s no need for the gratuitous insult to Catholics.
    And just a reminder: you still have time to file your candidacy papers, Talbot.

  7. If he had such an issue with being edited, he shouldn’t have agreed to read the altered version. But he acknowledged it and agreed.

    He lied about it to create a publicity stunt. Exactly the calibre of politician Regina needs.

    Can we all just stop paying attention to him now? He seems to go ape when he doesn’t get his public validation… his awful obsession with Fiacco as a prime example.

  8. Thank you to Prairie Dog for posting this, it shows, unedited, what happened last night. I am so proud of Prairie Dog for telling things like they are, no nonsense, none of that crap. I am also glad to hear that most on this comments section are like me, and cannot understand why I was ejected. Yes, I may have been a bit out of line, but it was well deserved after the abuse I received from Fiacco and his office over the last 6 months. Here is my latest blog entry explaining this whole mess.

  9. And yet again Chad Novak shows that he is his biggest fan and his own worst enemy.

    Unfortunately Chad, the adage “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” typically doesn’t apply to people running for public office.

  10. Here are the two pieces that have been edited from Chad’s original:

    “I question if the Mayor would have taken that stance if any other citizen had been up at the podium that night, asking the very same questions that I did.”

    “Speaking about the cost overruns on the Plaza, I am also very concerned about how that is being told to the public. The full cost is not truly $17M, or whatever the latest figure is that is being told. If you factor in the Lorne Street reconstruction, the 12th Avenue reconstruction, the lost revenue for businesses in the downtown, the parking tickets resulting from the horrific parking situation in downtown, that figure is nowhere even close to accurate. Not to mention the non-measureable inconvenience of the citizens of Regina who have had to put up with 3 years of construction in that area now, and it’s sounding like it will be extending into 2013.”

    Certainly the first is not true. #7 Jim is right though, I believe Mr. Shepherd was ejected from Planning Commission early 2009 for being disrespectful. I wasn’t there but heard an account from someone who was. The idea that the Mayor is out to get Mr. Novak, on this evidence, is silly.

    On the second piece, well its a bit off topic but I’m not sure its so far that it should be removed. Councillors brought up examples, the new hockey rinks at the exhibition grounds for one, to counter Novak’s claims of overspending in the past, is that much different?

  11. @8 – I don’t understand why I’d file papers, based on what I said. (Plus I don’t wanna.) I should say that AT LEAST Monsieur Novak has distinguished himself. I just find it unfortunate we’re all so trigger happy on our eyeball-rollin’ towards Monsieur Novak, when he at least steps up to question council and the mayor when the mayor wags his finger at incoming councilors by imploring voters to deny them any sort of right to “re-open” the stadium file, as if it’s a done deal or something.

    As for the Catholic Church, well, I’ll let the church and its adherents speak for themselves.

  12. BTW, it’s so ironic: the older I get, the more a concept like God & religion appeals to me, yet, at the same time, the more absurd & implausible it becomes. I just think of the dinos, man: the dinos had no God, they didn’t need that stuff. We’ll all end up like that one, day, too. Maybe in a museum in the Year 250,002,012 BC. Space & Time, man, I just can’t deal wit’ it.

  13. Talbot: I’ll assume that the pain from the pressure sores on your backside is what’s talkin’.

  14. #12 I agree.
    I remember a rock musician at ton of years ago, saying something along the lines of: As long as the press prints my name right, I’ts all good.

    It just goes to show, if ya wanna be in the “public light” these days, be careful.

  15. #18 regina mom: I honestly don’t know why those bits would have been pulled. I think the city clerk would be the person to ask.

  16. My assumption would be that the clerk edits them for untrue or misleading statements. Whether it was done with malice or not only Chad can say, but $17 million he cites for City Square is a full $5 million above the final price tag. And implying that the mayor isn’t on the up and up certainly contravenes the idea of decorum council operates under.

  17. I was at the Council meeting where Tom Shepherd was flagged for objectionable conduct and ejected from the chamber. He was pissed about Council’s decision to hike development fees to service greenfield developments. Previously they’d been in the obscenely low range of $68,000 per hectare (Kelowna at the time was charging in the neighbourhood of $300,000 a hectare) which meant that existing ratepayers were subsidizing new suburban development big-time. Harbour Landing was taking off then and even though council and adminstration had bent over backward to accelerate approval of the new stages that were coming on stream sooner than expected Shepherd still claimed Dundee was getting screwed. Overall, it was okay theatre.

  18. @#18-#20

    The matter of editing is discussed from about 1:00 in (evening news from 18 September).

    “Mayor Pat Fiacco had Novak removed after repeatedly asking him to read the submission approved by the City Clerk’s office. Novak claimed he had never received an edited script, although he did say on his Twitter account just last week, ‘very unfortunate that #yqrcc edited my council address’.

    “The City Clerk’s office says reviewing delegations’ comments is a common practice.

    “[Joni Swidnicki] It has to spell out their brief in full, as to what it is they’re intending to say, and then what I would do is take a look at it, there is a requirement for it to be respectful and temperate.”

  19. From the audio starting around 1:40,

    [Fiacco] “Mr. Novak. Mr. Novak. Mr. Novak.”

    [Novak] “Yes, sir!”

    [Fiacco] “I would ask that you follow the brief that –”

    [Novak] “I am reading exactly the brief I have in front of me, thank you.”

    [Fiacco] “Actually, it was edited, as you know, you were asked to remove a few things, and I’m gonna ask that you –”

    [Novak] “I apologize, I didn’t receive any notification of that.”

    And from his latest blog post,

    “I want to clear the air here, and let everyone know that, yes, I did receive an email from the City Clerk’s office advising me of the edits, and a revised document.”

    so, now confessed no lack of notice, and no mistake, he was deliberately trying to slip in the unedited version (plus fresh ad libs, plus general confrontational tone).

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