Nov. 7–20, 2019

Best of Regina 2019
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What Just Happened? 
Ghost peppers sprinkled liberally on the first draft of history

Meet The Minority 
Why Canada’s new Parliament might not be as progressive as advertised

Winners and Losers 
The Syrian civil war is over and Russia came out on top

Science Matters 
See You In Court 
Canadian youth shouldn’t have to sue their government to save their future

Lest We Forget

Rider Fan Forum
Six Teams, Five Games, One Trophy
The CFL playoffs are here and so is our panel to offer their predictions

Review: Parasite
They’re Inside the House!
Class struggle pervades Bong Joon-ho’s genre-warping satire

Review: Assholes A Theory
All About Assholes
Unchecked narcissism has the power to break society. Who knew?

Review: Ford v Ferrari
The Fix Is In
The most treacherous race is run off the track

Television Man 
Episode 13: It Is I Who Watches

My Music
Amanie Illfated