2 thoughts on ““Not Only That, I Knew Belle And Sebastian Before They Were Disney Characters!””

  1. In general, people lately have been saying things like, “I don’t know anything about music,” whether they do or not, as a smug little way of actually saying, “yeah I’m a person of substance and don’t care about music at all…” as if they are people of substance…studying quantum mechanics, resource scarcity, fractional banking, the kama sutra, etc. in silence or to Bach.

    On one hand, it’s not hard to know who Arcade Fire is; knowing who Polar Bear Club is another story. Arcade Fire’s been making headlines since 2004! Over 6 years. The Beatles only lasted post-invasion 6 years. That’s a long time in music.

    That guy said it best when he said, “Arcade Fire? Yeah, I know who Arcade Fire is. It’s Lady Fucking Antebellum I’d never heard of before.” Oh wait a minute, that was me.

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