Not Coming to a Theatre Near You: InAPPropriate Comedy

This man won an Oscar.
This man won an Oscar.

While Saskatchewan is often overlook when a film gets a limited release, this can be a blessing in disguise. Case in point: The final nail in the coffin of Adrien Brody’s career. InAPPropriate Comedy is a sketch-based flick much in the vein of Movie 43, only much worse. The entire goal of this movie is to be offensive to all sexual orientations, races and religions. It’s repulsive alright. To people with eyes.

The film, directed by the Slap-Chop guy (I kid you not) features the usual suspects -Rob Schneider and Lindsay Lohan- and two people who had careers up to this weekend, Adrian Brody and Michelle Rodríguez. What possessed them to become involved with this awful enterprise is a mystery. It couldn’t be money: InAPPropriate Comedy looks like shot by a couple of film production students over a couple of weekends. Eighty lousy minutes long, the level of incompetence is staggering at every level.

That just happened. InAPPropriate Comedy opened in 275 theatres -including Calgary and Edmonton- to a paltry 172,000 dollars. That is $625 per theatre.  Four people PER SHOW. Here is the bright side: With said numbers, this movie won’t expand any further.

Author: Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Journalist, film critic, documentary filmmaker, and sometimes nice guy. Member of the Vancouver Film Critics Circle. Like horror flicks, long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners. Allergic to cats.

7 thoughts on “Not Coming to a Theatre Near You: InAPPropriate Comedy”

  1. My math is at odds

    172000 / 275 = 625.45

    625.45 / 4 = 156 showings

    172000 / $12 pp =14,334 viewers.

    156 x $48 = $7488

    172000 / 156 = $1102.55

    1102.55 / 4 = $275.65pp

  2. Based on an average per screen of $625 and considering 12 showings over the weekend, each theatre made a little over 52 dollars. If a ticket costs $12, 4.34 people attended each screening.

    Given that the movie is eighty minutes long, many theatres squeezed a fifth showing (like in Vancouver), bringing the average attendance further down.

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