If you don’t have your tickets for this show by the veteran Canadian comic at Casino Regina on Saturday, you’re too late because it’s sold out.

For close to 30 years, Macdonald has worked in the entertainment industry. In addition to his career as a stand-up, he’s got a host of TV and movie laurels to his credit — most famously on Saturday Night Live in the mid-90s, but also on The Drew Carey Show and NewsRadio, along with The Norm Show from 1999-2001.

A few years ago, Comedy Central ranked Macdonald #83 in its 100 top comics of all time. And when David Letterman signed off on May 15, he recruited Macdonald to be the final stand-up act. So overall, a pretty solid career.

Opening the show is fellow Canadian comic Stevie Ray Fromstein who goes by the Twitter handle: the Holy Atheist and had been known to engage fundamentalist Christians in debates about creation and evolution.

To close, here’s an appearance Macdonald made on Conan O’Brien in July that also featured celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay