No Questions In Harper’s Garden

Harpers get hands dirtyThis photo opportunity has been brought to you by: manure and the Conservative party of Canada. What a headline! Harpers get hands dirty at Dutch Growers. Planting seeds of conservatism and hoping they bloom in May. “You know this is photo only. No talking,” The women in blue rimmed glasses reminded me. Mr Harper doesn’t take questions when he’s gardening.

He was talking earlier though. The PM addressed a small crowd of conservative party members, reporters and sunglassed RCMP security at Performance Marine. He came with a handful of budget initiatives repackaged as campaign pledges. Promises for small business and a “continued commitment to strengthening Canada’s economy.” Nothing new on today’s agenda. Why here? If I had to guess, it might be that the airport is within walking distance.

We probably won’t see much of Harper around here before the election. The West is just a pit stop. One the Conservatives think is a lock. The battleground is out east. But, a quick morning rah-rah in Regina followed by a Winnipeg pep-rally would brighten anyone’s day. Tomorrow he heads back to Toronto. Harper has been all over the “golden horseshoe” as of late. He’s mad for a majority and needs a chunk of the Liberal’s Toronto ridings to get it.

13 thoughts on “No Questions In Harper’s Garden”

  1. We don’t need a domed stadium. We need a domed city. See! Even good ole Stevey knows indoors is overweighted! When I said Regina Dome, I wasn’t talking about covering up the football. I meant the city, like an indoor year round garden. And it doesn’t have to cover the whole city, just the area that is not sinking, downtown. The rest of Regina will get blown away or sunk into the Wascana Ocean. #SAVEREGINA!!!

  2. Comment deleted: contrary to the spirit of enlightened discourse and/or entertaining squawking.

  3. #4: your description of the folks at Dutch Growers contains a term offensive to women. You might want to reconsider its use.

  4. Who cares if SH (or anyone else) is overweight? Make your electoral decisions based on policies and past behaviours, not appearances!

  5. What’s interesting is not so much Harper’s paunch itself (cast the first scone and all that), but that a man who has exerted so much control & calculation over his public appearance–and indeed his visit to the garden store was merely a photo op–would not put more care into how he’s photographed. There are reasons men in power (and often women) wear blazers, they straighten & strengthen the shoulders and cover the midsection. That Harper took his off for a photo is deeply curious.

  6. Hey, inside scoop from a Dutch: they fucking hated the jerk. Word is security detail cleared everyone out, then those who stayed were briefed by Harper’s Nazi propaganda whores, then a Dutch Growers employee made a funny about “growing the grassroots” and every laughed except for fatso Harper who stared at her expressionless like the dipshit he is. Whoo, lucky us, this dork is out prime minister. Representing for unlikeable dorks everywhere.

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