NHL Realignment Set For 2012-13

Big changes are coming to the NHL next season. There’s been a wholesale revamp of the conferences and changes to the playoff structure too. In general, the league’s moving to a north-south alignment, with teams grouped in two seven and two eight-team conferences that are designed to reduce travel costs and keep time-zone crossings to a minimum. You can read more in this TSN report.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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12 thoughts on “NHL Realignment Set For 2012-13”

  1. What I wouldn’t give for a raging red itchy case of retraction right about now. The CFL should add teams in the Okanagan, Quebec City, Ottawa, and Moncton. BOOYAH.

  2. Yup, as long as MTL and TOR are in the same division , never to vie for the cup against each other, all is good. NOT.

  3. @Ron… exactly. Plus I was really hoping Van and WPG would be in the same division. Home games against them might actually be the only way I could lure my brother off the farm to come and visit.

  4. @Stephen… how the F@ck does one become a Columbus fan anyways? It’s like the only guy I ever knew who was a Hartford Whalers’ fan… and that was because he had the old 70s era big satellite dish well into the 90s and by the end all they could get was the Hartford superstation…

  5. #6 Howe’s Hartford.

    Only if WHL ..Que city, St.John’s,Hamilton,Brandedtown,Stoon, dedrear,Killownya,Slurry.

  6. #6 Howe’s Hartford.

    Only if World Hockey League survived ..Que city, St.John’s,Hamilton,Brandedtown,Stoon, dedrear,Killownya,Slurry.

    Just because Sid is in Pittsburg, doesn’t make me a fan of Pitt.

  7. Gordeaux: it started with Nikoli Zherdev-based fantasy hockey delusions in 2005 and somehow blossomed into love. The heart wants what it wants.

  8. Columbus is lovable in the same way that the LA Clippers are lovable. As in, not at all. Therefore they must be loved.
    I know a guy who has been a fan of the Washington Capitals since he was a kid, for some reason. Today people like them because they have Ovechkin. Back then people said “What there’s a team in Washington? Go Islanders!” But my buddy was a fan of Dale Hunter, for some reason. Go figure.

  9. One thing I find interesting about the new alignment is that Phoenix can either (a) stay put or (b) be easily transferred to Quebec and shoved in the same division as Toronto and Montreal, without causing tremors that create another need for realignment.

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