Progressives Just Won The Next Civic Election

This post has been updated: my first take on the new stadium (LP) was a little gloomy. (I know, right? Me, gloomy?)

Now I’m feeling quite chuffed about the whole thing. We’re getting a new stadium that seems like it’ll be¬†pretty much like the last stadium, in pretty much the same neighbourhood, only with a $278 million price tag and loans and tax increases and ticket fees and without the other things people seemed to want like a retractable roof and the whole tying-the-stadium-into-downtown and using it for other events thing.

Feeling hopeful about this town for the first time in years. Go Riders. (I’m assuming even Rider fans know a bill of goods when they see one, please God.)

Author: Carle Steel

Carle Steel was a simple moisture farmer on a barren, sun-baked world who, through fate and destiny, brought the mighty Galactic Empire to its knees. She likes cats, bats, mice and you.

11 thoughts on “Progressives Just Won The Next Civic Election”

  1. But on the bright side, there may be a tentative agreement re: the public library workers’ contract.

  2. Finally! A decision is made with a plan in place and a deadline for 2017.
    Soon to be Ex-Mayor Pat Fiaco can go out with a bang while Brad Wall can add some extra points to his already high popularity.

    Adding an option to construct a retractable roof in the future is a good compromise.

    Now, they only need to make sure this stadium is built right the first time and not needing patchwork like the not so well thought out built Mosaic Stadium.

    The bitchers/whiners/complainers/debaters can focus on something else for a change.

  3. “The status quo isn’t on” – Famous SK politician. He actually listed the bathrooms, concourse, and seats as reasons to turf historic Taylor Field, and spend upwards of $300,000,000, of which only 9% will be directly raised by the Riders (by getting sponsorship no less!). Then on Twitter, he did a little math magic (AKA lied, in some peoples books), and claimed most of the money was privately sourced, to confuse those people who are addition challenged.

  4. That “gloomy” comment may just be because I’m in a foul mood after someone ripped me off ~$500, by taking my bike. It feels like I was handed multiple large invoices today.

  5. I feel you, John. I think we all just got the equivalent of having our bikes stolen.

  6. I sympathize for people like Carle who get their bikes stolen for no reason at all. Recently, my locked bike wasn’t stolen, but my bike seat was. A $50 replacement along with seat rod is another lesson for me to make sure to either take my seat with me or lock it down with another lock.

  7. Gimme a break, are we living in the clouds? This thing has one word spray-painted all over it: BOONDOGGLE!!!!!!!

    Good thing someone burned down that old barn on Elphinstone, a crime that no one ever seemed to follow up on.

    This stadium, in some weird way, feels like it’s setting us back 30 years. Welcome to ’82.

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