Our last poll was “Pat Fiacco Legacy Poll Number One: What’s the mayor’s biggest success?” It was up for almost a month but only fetched 127 votes. Why so few votes after such a long run? Could it beee because because that poll only had positive options? Could it beee that this blog’s surly, sarcastic readers prefer a spiteful, negative  poll?

We’ll find out! “Pat Fiacco Legacy Poll Number Two: What’s The Mayor’s Biggest Failure?” awaits your savage democracyon the right side of this page. Scroll down to vote!

Oh yeah: if anyone’s curious, the most popular choice in Pat Fiacco Legacy Poll Number One was “He was an inspirational leader who restored pride in Regina”, with just over 50 per cent of the votes. Full results after the jump.

Pat Fiacco Legacy Poll Number One! What’s The Mayor’s Biggest Success?

Basically did a good job keeping property tax rates where they belong.  7.87%  (10 votes)

Downtown redevelopment and that beautiful plaza!  17.32%  (22 votes)

He’s started the ball rolling on municipal infrastructure rebuilding in Canada.  9.45%  (12 votes)

He’s been a level-headed leader who didn’t screw anything up.  14.96%  (19 votes)

He was an inspirational leader who restored pride in Regina.  50.39%  (64 votes)