New Poll!

“Okay, armchair economists, of these options, what’s the best way to help low-income people and families?” Look left right for the box and mark your choice.

And because I know you’re interested, here are the final results on our last poll question, “Will you wear a Remembrance Day poppy this year?” Eighty-four people voted.

Yes. The dead should always be remembered. 50% (42 votes)

Maybe. The two choices in this lame poll don’t let me accurately express my nuanced opinion. 39.29% (33 votes)

No. Canada’s becoming warlike and poppies feed the madness.  10.71% (9 votes)

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “New Poll!”

  1. Minimum wage needs to go up, but you have to be careful with that because of the environment we live in right now where companies will just go “you know what? I think it would be a better idea to just move our factory to [insert third world country here]”. Granted, service/consumer industry is exempt from this, but guess what, as wages go up so do prices, which means wages need to go up again, etc. It seems to me that a combination of B and D is in order, with a sprinkle of more revenue tax for corporations and individuals making over 100,000. Oh, and stop letting companies use “consultants/contractors” instead of “employees” as a way to get around those nasty labour laws.

  2. Um, that first response on the poll “Raise the minimum wage dramatically like labour wants…” does not reflect what Labour has said.

    In fact, in a Leader-Post report, Larry Hubich said, “We recognize that where (the minimum wage) is now and where 75 per cent of the average industrial wage is, is a pretty significant difference, …So, as an interim measure, we are suggesting that (the minimum wage) immediately go to LICO [Low Income Cut Off], . . . which is between $9.65 and $10 an hour, then index that . . . to gradually increase (the minimum wage) to (75 per cent of the) average industrial wage over time.”

  3. Point taken, TRM. In my meagre defence, without specific timelines from the SFL–without knowing what “gradually” means–it’s not totally unfair to use the phrase “dramatically”. but I’ll see if the question can be edited.

    I should add that our coverage says the same thing the Leader-Post says. Our news content is more balanced than our polls.

    To conclude: polls are harrrd to write and should not be taken too seriously.

  4. I hear what you’re saying about polls, but the wording makes it appear that Labour is being unreasonable — and it’s not, it’s being quite realistic.

    You might want to get on Hubich’s butt to send your coverage out via his email list as he does from other publications.

  5. Actually, I just read the original Nov. 9 SFL press release on this and it doesn’t say anything about a “gradual” increase. That must’ve come later, in interviews Larry Hubich gave to media.

    Will still adjust the poll language, if it’s possible.

  6. Hey again, you posted while I was writing my last post. I’m on Larry Hubich’s list (among many, many lists) so that’s covered.

    I agree the language is misleading given the SFL’s public position, technicality based quibbles about their initial press release aside. Phrasing will be changed. If possible.

  7. I suspect if you took option four and rephrased the first sentence to “A meaningful minimum wage increase, indexed to inflation” you would have labour’s hopes encapsulated, if not their news releases. Meaningful could be negotiated. Leave the rest the same. Then you could cut out option one and replace it with option four, making it the new option one, and thereby decrease my choices by one.

    I think options two and three are both espoused by the business lobby as the best public policy tool so you could combine them and reduce my choices by two.

    Then I might vote.

    Whatever though, $9.25 an hour or whatever the minimum is at now isn’t really enough to live on given that you’ll likely have to spend at least 40% of your gross income on rent alone.

  8. My next poll will be about what kind of dogs people like best. (Something with a lot of German shepherd in it!)

  9. Polls are really hard to write because to be reasonable polls an opinion can’t be telegraphed. If they’re polls that is.

    Personally I prefer labs, but I would vote for german shepherds if the only alternative was daschunds.

  10. Dogs, shmogs. Tippy the dog was the best dog ever. Took a bullet to the head when he got old and sick. I was a youngster. As an adult, I got a poem out of it.

    Never met another dog so gentle. What kind of dog? Damned if I know!

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